EcoBand: 100% Recycled Product Wrap

plastic free poly bag alternative

Elevate the customer experience with branded EcoBands!  

Looking for a plastic-free alternative to clear poly bags for wholesale packaging?

Look no further! Introducing the 100% Recycled EcoBand. Instead of folding clothes and placing them in a clear poly bag, EcoBand them -- tightly fold or roll your goods, wrap them in these recycled paper bands, and seal the band using a branded sticker, the item’s barcode sticker, hot glue, or double sided glue dots. Not only is this EcoBand 100% recycled, it is curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable.

Even better? Many of our SKUs can be custom printed so you can brand them, giving your products the ultimate unboxing experience!

  • 80# recycled kraft paper: Flexible enough to wrap around your products, sturdy enough to keep your goods secure and protected.
  • 100% recycled, min of 30% post-consumer waste.
  • Four size options available:
    • 4.25x11”: Good for t-shirts and other small apparel. 
    • 4.25x14”: Good for jeans, long-sleeve shirts, thin throws / blankets. 
    • 5.5x17”: Good for bulky clothes - sweatshirts, jackets, blankets. .
    • [COMING SOON] 6” on a continuous roll: Size each band for the specific product you are wrapping.
  • Two sizes of our EcoBands - 4.25x11” and 4.25x14” - can be custom printed (CMYK).
  • Adhesive options: (1) glue guns and glue sticks (2) two sided adhesive glue dots and (3) printed stickers on our Zero Waste Release Liner. Businesses currently using barcodes can also seal the bands using their barcode labels.

Lead Times are:

Blank: 1-2 business days plus ship time.

Printed: 2-3 weeks after art is approved, plus ship time

How to Use:

  • Fold your item into a long rectangle.
  • Roll your item tightly, like a sleeping bag.
  • Wrap your paper band around it, and seal it with preferred adhesive.

Voila! A stylish, recycled, curbside recyclable, plastic-free, solution.

Looking for high volume custom projects - such as random repeat designs or different dimensions than what we offer here? We can help with that, too. 

Volume Discounts
Purchase...And Save...
2-4 units 2%
5-9 units 5%
10-14 units 10%
15+ units 15%