100% Recycled Kraft Bags

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Looking for a curbside recyclable, naturally biodegradable alternative to a clear poly bag?
Available with or without a seal, EcoEnclose Kraft Bags are a unique and innovative wholesale solution to support your plastic-free, inner packaging strategy. Our Kraft Bags are made with 100% recycled content and high levels of post-consumer waste - 90% for our bags with no seal and 60% for our bags with a seal. We are the first company to include a self-seal adhesive closure on a Kraft bag at 30# paper weight.
100% recycled kraft bag for inner packaging

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Features acid-free 30# Kraft paper and an open top. Available in three sizes in bundles and cases. 100% recycled, 90% post-consumer waste.

100% recycled kraft bag for inner packaging

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Features neutral PH 30# Kraft paper and a self-seal adhesive closure. Available in four sizes in bundles and cases. 100% recycled, 60% post-consumer waste.


Frequently Asked Questions

What other sustainable inner packaging solutions do you offer?

eco-friendly inner packaging solutions

We currently offer two comparable products to our 100% Recycled Kraft Bags: Glassine Paper Bags and Flap & Seal Poly Bags. Glassine Paper Bags are curbside recyclable and paper-based, but are made with virgin paper and are  manufactured in China. Flap & Seal Poly Bags are 100% recycled and recyclable in thin film and are manufactured in the US. 

We also offer a variety of paper-based products that work well for inner packaging - 100% Recycled EcoBand Paper Product Wrap, 100% Recycled Tissue Paper, 100% Recycled Packaging Paper. Check out our Comprehensive Guide to Sustainable Inner Packaging to help you make your decision.