100% Recycled Corrugated Bubble

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Are you looking for a green alternative to traditional bubble wrap and foam peanuts?

EcoEnclose Corrugated Bubble is made with 100% recycled cardboard (with 95% post-consumer waste) and is primarily produced with scraps from our box manufacturing - making them upcycled as well! Unlike air pillows, bubble wrap, and peanuts, Corrugated Bubble is curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable.

Are you wondering how you might incorporate Corrugated Bubble into your sustainable packaging strategy? We recommend three approaches: (1) pull the sheets apart and twist them together to form a “nest”  to create cushioning or void fill in your boxes, (2) wrap your products in perfectly sized Corrugated Bubble sheets, or (3) lay down Corrugated Bubble the bottom or top of your box for added protection.

Our corrugated products are custom sized to your exact specifications and are not returnable. If you have any issues with your Corrugated Bubble, contact us, and we will work towards a resolution.

Check out our Definitive Guide to Protective Packaging to learn how and when to use Corrugated Bubble over other void fill options you might be considering for your business.


100% recycled content, 95% post-consumer waste*
Curbside recyclable & naturally biodegradable
Custom sized to your exact specifications


2% 5% 10% 15%

Frequently Asked Questions About Corrugated Bubble

How do you measure Corrugated Bubble?

There are minimums and maximums to how long and wide we can make our Corrugated Bubble.

  • Minimum Width: 4"
  • Maximum Width: 16"
  • Minimum Length: 8"
  • Maximum Length 48"

How can I use Corrugated Bubble in my packaging strategy?

We recommend three approaches:

  1. Create a Ball: Stretch the Corrugated Bubble and crumple it up to make “corrugated nests” to use as cushioning under your product.
  2. Wrap Your Products: Wrap your fragile products in appropriately-sized Corrugated Bubble before placing them inside your box.
  3. Line Your Box: Order Corrugated Bubble that fits your box perfectly and use it as a soft pad to line the bottom or top of your shipping box.


What's the difference between the three thicknesses of Corrugated Bubble?

We offer Corrugated Bubble in ¼”, ½” and ¾” thicknesses. The thinnest option is ¼” and is made with one sheet of C flute corrugated. The ½” option is made with two sheets of corrugated board shredded together, and the ¾” option is made with three sheets of corrugated board.

Use thicker options when you need more cushioning and padding in your shipping box. If you’re not sure which option to choose, order free samples to help you experience the differences between them firsthand.