Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Elevate the customer experience with branded boxes!  


EcoEnclose is proud to offer 100% recycled custom shipping boxes in all styles, sizes, and configurations you can imagine. Every cardboard box that goes out our doors is customized to your specific needs. So your unique products can fit perfectly in a custom shipping box made especially for you. Not only does this make for an incredible unboxing experience for customers, it also is an added eco-perk since it means you won’t ship excess air and won't need unnecessary void-fill!    

We offer eight custom box styles, and you can order them in almost any dimensions you need. The dimensions specified will be the interior dimensions, not the exterior. All of our boxes have a +/- 1/8" variance. Find our current lead times here.

Depending on your box style, you can choose from 23ECTB, 32ECTE, 32ECTC, and 44ECTC corrugated - which all range in strength and thickness. So the possibilities are endless! If you aren't sure which box style, size, or corrugated strength is right for you, check out our Guide to Custom Shipping Boxes!

Grow your business, one custom shipping box at a time. 

We can custom brand shipping boxes! All you need is your product, your desired packaging and your design - we’ll take care of the rest. Find our full list of box art specs and requirements here. Looking for information on high volume custom projects? We can help with that, too. 

  • 100% recycled content, 95% post-consumer waste
  • Curbside recyclable 
  • Compostable (though recycling is preferred)
  • Made in the USA
Purchase...And Save...
50-124 boxes 2%
125-249 boxes 5%
250-500 boxes 10%
500+ boxes 15%
5000+ boxes Contact us for a quote


Start building your perfectly sized, custom cut corrugated shipping boxes! Due to the capabilities of our machinery, there are some restrictions on the sizes of corrugated boxes we are able to cut and the sizes we can custom print. If you input box dimensions that we cannot cut or cannot print, you will see an error message. Learn more about our overall parameters at the bottom of this page. Additionally, please note that our boxes ship flat. As such, oversize boxes can often be cut, but are extremely expensive to ship.

Looking for a sample? Select your desired box style and dimensions and click on “Add Sample to Cart.” Please note that we only allow one sample box per to be ordered per size/style and no more than 15 samples total. If you need help finding the right size and style, contact us via chat, email ([email protected]) or phone.

For a sample, click on "Order Free Sample" to the right.

Don’t see your desired size or material? Email us at [email protected] Interested in 5,000+ boxes? Email us at [email protected]

Custom Box Printing Art Specs & Requirements

Looking for guidance on how to set up your artwork for your custom printed box? Check out our art specs and requirements here. 

Algae Ink Available for Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Even the most sustainable (water and soy-based) inks are made with carbon-based pigments. We are proud to offer Algae Ink for black box prints.

Algae Ink, made by Living Ink Technologies, is the world's most sustainable ink. It is a water-based (i.e. water is the carrier) ink whose pigment is made with algae cells, rather than carbon. This exciting advancement in ink has actually been shown to be a carbon negative technology. Algae Ink captures more carbon than is used to produce it! If you're interested in using Algae Ink for your custom shipping boxes, please contact us at [email protected] to learn more, or select ALGAE INK as your color option (the second black ink option).

Still not sure why Algae Ink is so cool? Check out this infographic for a rundown.

Plate Pricing Overview

We have a tiered pricing structure for printing plates, based on the type and size of your box and the number of panels you intend to print. Plate prices start at $95 for a single panel print, average about $200 for a mid-coverage print, and can be $300-800 for a full coverage print. Please review our Shipping Box Printing Plate Pricing Tables to get an accurate plate price for your desired box.

How To Fold a Tab Locking and Literature Mailer Box

If you’ve never folded a tab locking box and aren’t sure where to start – our tutorial videos are for you. As a bonus, they will work for our ecofriendly literature mailers as well.