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97% post-consumer content!

NEW & IMPROVED! Greener, Sturdier, & 25% More Affordable!

We are obsessed with reducing landfill waste! And if you share in our mission, then you're destined to fall in love with our 100% Recycled Rigid Mailers. In fact, by choosing our mailers over the average competitor, you will salvage, rescue, and reuse twice as much paper otherwise headed for the local dumpheap. The boilerplate rigid mailer is sadly constructed from 50% virgin fiber. Not ours! We are proud to present the EcoEnclose Rigid Mailer, constructed from 100% recycled paperboard - 97% of which is post-consumer recycled content!

The stiff and sturdy construction of our 100% Recycled Rigid Mailer ensures you will be able to ship your art prints, photos, and documents in confidence. Our insuperable paperboard will effectively resist bending--you can rest at ease knowing your contents will stay flat in transit. The larger sizes feature clever creasing, which allows for expansion. The unvarnished board has a high-end, organic, and earthy feel. EcoEnclose 100% Rigid Mailers are an ideal marriage of high performance, appealing aesthetics, and eco-construction.

100% Recycled Rigid Mailers:

  • 97% post-consumer content
  • Fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable
  • Constructed from sturdy 36 pt. paperboard
  • Ideal for shipping photos, stationary, documents, etc.
  • Features reusable tab locking closure
  • Made in the USA
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