• Zero Waste Shipping Labels
  • Direct Thermal Label on Zero Waste Liner - 4" x 6" - INDUSTRIAL (1000 Labels) - Single Roll

Direct Thermal Label on Zero Waste Liner - 4" x 6" - INDUSTRIAL (1000 Labels) - Single Roll


 *** Thermal Labels are not eligible for quantity discounts


With EcoEnclose Zero Waste Shipping Labels, you can take your sustainability to the next level! These Direct Thermal labels feature a release liner that is 100% recycled AND curbside recyclable! These truly are the world's most earth conscious direct thermal labels.

In July of 2020, we improved the adhesive on these labels. They now feature a high performance acrylic emulsion that is designed to form a strong bond on recycled paper. Check out this video to see the performance of the new adhesive.

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The world's most eco-friendly Direct Thermal Shipping Labels! They feature a release liner that is 100% recycled and curbside recyclable with a recycle-friendly adhesive!

  • Compatible with Direct Thermal Printers which utilize a gap setting.
  • Features pressure-sensitive, self-sealing adhesive
  • Zero Waste Liner: Made with 100% recycled content, 100% curbside recyclable with paper
  • Recycle Compatible Adhesive, Recyclable
  • Compatible with Direct Thermal Printers.
  • Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)
  • BPA Free
  • Manufactured in North America
  • 1000 labels per roll
  • 5.4 lbs per roll
  • 4x6" labels, 1/8" spacing, 3 inch core, 7.75 inch diameter, 4.125" height
  • 1/8" space for "transmissive" gap setting 


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  • 5
    Identical Performance

    Posted by Evan Sirchuk on Apr 30th 2021

    After switching from generic Rollo non-renewable labels, there was no discernible difference in print quality or stickiness.

    You may want to make a roller so the Rollo Thermal printer doesn't have to pull so hard to make the roll turn.

    Very glad to have a sustainable option, since we use thousands of these labels.

  • 5
    Good labels

    Posted by Dualpacks on Aug 7th 2020

    I wanted to try these out due to the zero waste liner and recycle friendly adhesive so my customers can just throw everything, packing slip and all straight into the recycle bin since I use paper envelopes for most orders. Overall there's some minor annoyances but since none of them affect the customer I'm really liking these labels.

    I wish there were a fanfold option since my printer takes the 1" core rolls and those ones are annoying because they run out so often and the labels are too curved especially as it gets low. So I got a large roll and was able to unroll into an old fanfold box in about 15 minutes. Maybe next time I'll bribe one of the neighborhood children to do it.

    I use a Zebra GK420d on a CUPS print server and after setting it to 'mark sensing' it was detecting the labels correctly but the top was getting cut off by a couple mm and it seemed to be ignoring the top offset setting. I flipped the stack over so it was feeding reverse from how the labels normally come off the roll and now the cutoff is minimal. Probably just a driver issue or something, but if I were using the roll it would be a problem.

    I ordered at the end of July 2020 and believe I got the new batch. The stickers are stuck to the liner with more enthusiasm than your average labels so they do make better packing slips. But if you pack orders with gloves on and normally tear off single labels before peeling them, that's going to be a problem. I'm now leaving the labels connected and using the pinch and roll method and it's not slowing me down much.