Why Recycled Content Matters

If you've read EcoEnclose's Framework for Sustainable Packaging, you probably already know that we are maniacal about Recycled Content, and consider it one of our main tenants when developing our product line. People often ask us why this is so important to us. We created this snazzy infographic to help illustrate the two main reasons:

  1. Goods made with recycled content use less energy, water, and create less pollution than virgin counterparts. This is true for every type of material (plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, etc) and this analysis accounts for the energy required to pick up, sort and distribute the recycled goods to manufacturers.
  2. Most of us recognize RECYCLING as a key way to protect the planet. When you recycle something (after trying to reuse it of course), you enable those raw materials to be utilized again and keep goods out of the landfill. But not everyone recognizes that the act of buying goods made with recycled content is actually what makes it possible for us (and the businesses that serve us) to recycle.

Read on for an illustration of what we mean.

Recycled Packaging

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Why Buying Recycled Content Matters