Custom Tissue Paper Artwork Guidelines


Design custom tissue paper with ease. Start here with our guidelines which serve as an overview of our post-production printing parameters. We have a real, live human proof your artwork prior to production to ensure your vision is captured into a beautifully finished product.

branded tissue paper

Standard Repeating Designs

Consider a clean and simple repeat of your brand logo. After your order and artwork is submitted, a member of our design team will confirm the following.

  • Design Direction A, B, C or D
  • Logo Size, Height or Width
  • Spacing between logos [minimum is 0.75"]
  • Spacing between rows of logos [minimum is 0.75"]
  • Angle of rotation, for direction ‘A’ or ‘B’ [default is 45°]
tissue paper print direction

Scattered Repeating Designs

Interested in something more complex? Consider a scattered repeating design. Please note the below specifications when designing your artwork.

Supplied artwork should be set up in a repeating 18" x 18" pattern or must be adjustable to achieve repeating pattern. A minimum of 0.75" space must be present between all design components, and the design must include a 0.25" gap on the left side of repeating pattern.

Our standard procedure is to make minor adjustments during proofing to achieve an existing cylinder repeat. The adjustments may include minor changes to logo size, spacing and design rotation.

repeating patter guidance for tissue paper


Use our downloadable template to place and size your artwork to your specifications. Use your artwork or your designed template as your art file when placing your order.

Art Requirements

  • File Format: Vector required, AI preferred, PDF accepted
  • Outline all fonts and embed all supporting files
  • Minimum Font Size (Standard): 5 pt Helvetica
  • Minimum Font Size (Reverse-Out): 6 pt Helvetica
  • Minimum Stroke Size (Standard): 0.4 pt
  • Minimum Stroke Size (Reverse-Out): 0.75 pt
  • Minimum Size of Space and Holes to Avoid Fill-in: 0.75 pt
  • Trapping: 0.02"
  • Design Spacing: 0.75” (left to right & top to bottom)

We have a 25% print coverage maximum per tissue sheet to maintain the strength and integrity of our 100% recycled material. Your design may not cover more than 25% of each sheet - no flood coating, heavy ink coverage, or full bleeds.


We require vector format so we can scale designs without losing detail. Raster images are pixelated and these pixels can be visible in the final print.

Barcodes & QR Codes

Barcodes and QR codes must meet our art requirements. Bar codes must have a bearer bar. Black is highly recommended for scannability and light colors are not permitted.


Each tissue sheet is randomly cut so the sheets are not identical. We print on one side of the tissue; our 100% recycled material is translucent so the printed design is visible from the back with a softer look.

Ink & Color

We use flexographic printing with black Algae Ink™ and water-based inks and use uncoated colors from the Pantone Matching System. If a Pantone color is not provided at the time of order placement, our design team will confirm your Pantone color during the proofing process.

Our standard is 1 or 2 color prints, but we can print up to 6 colors. Each printed color requires a printing plate which is a one-time $175 cost per printed color. If interested in 3-6 printed colors, contact us to place your order.

custom tissue paper

Lead Time

Lead time is the estimated time to process your order for shipment and does not include transit time.

For branded orders, lead time begins after artwork proof and, if applicable, ink swatch approval.

What does this mean?

When you place a branded order, our Design Team reviews the artwork files attached to your order and creates an artwork proof. We then send your artwork proof to you for review and approval. We highlight any adjustments made, emphasize potential print risks, and request additional files or information.

Once the proof suits your design vision and aligns with our printing capabilities, we request your written approval. After we receive your written approval, your lead time begins.

Ship 1,000+ Orders Per Week?

We love working with enterprise brands on unique, high-volume custom tissue paper projects.


New to tissue paper printing or have questions? We are happy to share our experience and thoughts on how to bring your vision to life. We work closely with you during the entire process - from art proof to delivery to your door.