Custom Packaging: Inline Printing Inspiration

Custom Packaging: Inline Printing Inspiration

Mar 31st 2021

When printing custom packaging,  high volume orders allow for more customization at a lower cost per unit. High volume orders utilize inline printing, which gives you the option to use multi-color, full bleed printed packaging. In other words, the bigger the order, the more fully customizable the packaging. Everything from custom boxesfully printed mailers and retail packaging to custom stickers and labels are available when you reach minimum order quantities. When you order in bulk, you don’t just save money per unit, you open up a world of custom packaging possibilities. Below we’ve compiled some of our clients most creative inline printed custom packaging for inspiration. If you can design it, chances are we can print it. Contact us at [email protected] or fill out the form below to get started designing your own packaging.

Custom Shipping Boxes

Perfect for monthly subscription services, fully colored  custom shipping boxes are a great way to showcase your brand’s personality, inside and out. The entire box can be custom-colored and designed.

This retail packaging is packed with eco-friendly charm, while still fully branded and colored.

These full bleed, colorful poly mailers from Hedley & Bennett are sure to make an impression on the doorstep. These make perfect mailers for apparel, clothing, and other soft goods.

This Kraft mailer from Taylor Stitch features a highly detailed map of San Francisco spread across the front and back of the mailer. The design isn’t only striking, it’s 100% recycled and, recyclable, and made of 90% post-consumer content.

For a super sustainable but still fully customizable option, inline-printed, custom-branded rigid mailers made from 90% post-consumer content are a great choice.

When inline printing, the entire package becomes your canvas. This intricate design from PACK’D looks like something out of a Where’s Waldo book in the best way possible.

You’re not limited to just shipping or retail packaging either, if you need custom shopping bags for your brick and mortar operation we’ve got you covered there, too! A branded shopping bag elevates the retail experience to a more premium level- and you don’t have to sacrifice eco-friendliness to get it.

With inline printing, you’re free to use multiple colors on the same product- check out this creative use of multicolored printing on this mailer by Hum.

Inline-printed retail packaging can come in all shapes and sizes, so you can customize it to fit your product’s exact needs. These sleeves for individual bars of soap are a perfect example of how inline-printed packaging can be tailored to any need.

Bubble mailers can also be printed full bleed in any color. Bubble mailers are perfect packaging for jewelry, crafting supplies, and products that need a little extra protection in transit.

For more inline printing information and inspiration, head over to our high capacity custom packaging production page. If you’re ready to get started designing your packaging, contact us at [email protected] or fill out the form below. If you’re looking for more basic custom packaging, or in limited order quantities, we can accommodate those needs as well with custom packaging available in standard sizes. As the maker’s of the most eco-friendly packaging in the world, we are here to help with any packaging need you may have.