​Introducing Sustainable Business Cards and Hang Tags

​Introducing Sustainable Business Cards and Hang Tags

Posted on Feb 8th 2022

We are excited to introduce eco-friendly business cards and hang tags into our line of earth-friendly notecards.

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Why Business Cards and Hang Tags?

A few months ago, I ordered business cards for a new team member.

I view business cards as purely functional, designed to be used for a quick, single-purpose - share your contact information with someone when you meet them in person. In fact, most people don’t really need business cards (particularly over the past two years when most introductions have happened virtually). But, with in-person events back on the rise, we know they are essential for specific roles. The purpose of business cards is to convey information. They don’t need to be durable for many years. They don’t need to be the best print possible. For an eco-conscious brand, the most important thing is that they showcase the person or company’s commitment to the planet.

I was struck by how difficult it was to find options as sustainable as possible. One company told me, “we don’t do 100% recycled because the print isn’t as good.” Another told me, “your business cards will be recycled, or FSC certified” and I was a bit frustrated that the company equated these two to be the same. They are not the same, and brands should always seek recycled content when possible (opting for certified sustainably sourced only when recycled is truly infeasible). Many companies proudly promoted their “plastic coated” business card options. Some highlighted “recycled cotton paper” options, which are unrecyclable and should not be composted given they are printed with toner inks.

We went ahead and printed our business cards in-house, on 110# 100% post-consumer waste uncoated paper.

Then, in December of 2021, we received hundreds of survey responses, letting us know how we can better serve our EcoAlly community.

The number one request we received through our survey? Eco-Friendly Business Cards. The second most popular response? Eco-Friendly Hang Tags.

Having seen firsthand how difficult it is to find thoughtful, earth-friendly options in both of these categories, we get it. So we are thrilled to now be adding these to our line of sustainable notecard options.

An Overview of EcoEnclose Business Cards and Hang Tags

Ecoenclose Business Cards and Hang Tags

EcoEnclose business cards are printed on 110# 100% post-consumer waste paper* and are available in two sizes: 2x3.5” and 2x2”. The 2x2” business card is the smallest size possible that can still be recycled! It is the optimal choice for anyone who needs business cards but wants to ensure they have the lowest environmental footprint possible.

*We work diligently to ensure 100% recycled post-consumer waste in this stock. As of January 2022, the paper markets are stretched thinner than they have been in decades and finding verified recycled content is more challenging than ever before. Given this, there may be times we have to reduce recycled content levels. If this happens, we will get as close to 100% recycled as possible and make this clear so you know what is in the business cards you are receiving.

Our hang tags are available in a few different options:

  • Sizes include 2 x 3.5” and 2 x 2”
  • Paper stock options include white, gypsum, and kraft
  • Hole punch options include ¼” and ⅛”

We recommend tying your hang tags with naturally biodegradable materials (rather than virgin plastic fasteners). Check out our  hemp twine - a great eco-friendly solution for securing hang tags.

Our business cards and hang tags are printed with toner ink. While they are technically compostable, we strongly recommend they be recycled and guide the companies we work with to avoid composting any items (notecards, packaging, etc.) with heavy ink coverage.

Shop EcoEnclose  100% Recycled Business Cards and Recycled Hang Tags

What Makes EcoEnclose Business Cards and Hang Tags So Sustainable?

What makes our business cards and hang tags more circular and sustainable than other options out there?

High Recycled Content

Our white and gypsum paper stock is 100% recycled (100% post-consumer waste), and our kraft paper stock is 90% recycled (100% post-consumer waste).

Uncoated Paper Stock

Some business cards and hangtags have a poly-based coating for longevity and durability. Ours do not; we do not think this is necessary for these single-use items.

Source Reduction

Business cards typically range from 110# to 130# paper. We only offer 110# because we believe this material is strong and rigid enough to serve its purpose and doesn’t require more material than is needed.


We push for the smallest sizes that are still recyclable. While we offer different sizes, we strongly encourage you to select our 2x2” options. Why? Most recyclers (MRFs) have the “2-inch rule.” Anything less than 2” on either the length or width dimension would fall through the cracks/slits of sorting equipment and end up landfilled. Our 2x2” square options are the smallest size possible that can still be sorted and recycled by most MRFs nationwide.

Domestic Manufacturing & Printing

Our paper stock is manufactured in Colorado, USA. That means the recycled content for your stock draws from and builds markets for US-based recycling streams. It also means a reduced shipping carbon footprint. Just like our  custom printed notecards, our business cards and hang tags are printed in in Colorado as well.

We recommend using naturally biodegradable strings to fasten hang tags - materials such as  hemp twine and jute are great examples. Encourage your customers to compost their hang tag strings if this is the route you choose! Natural materials like these are not recyclable and would biodegrade in the landfill (not what we want!). Instead, let’s get them composted and back into our soils.

We take pride in offering the most sustainable packaging possible. Learn more about how we develop eco-friendly shipping solutions in our  Sustainable Packaging Framework.

If you have any questions regarding our Custom Business Cards and Hangtags,  contact us. We are happy to help!