Branded Glassine Bags with Full Color Prints

Yes! We can brand your Glassine Bags for wholesale packaging with your full color design! 

Full color prints utilize digital, ink jet printing technology. Our digital printers use water-based ink. The glossy, smooth surface of our glassine bags leads to a faded and slightly grainy finish. 

Because of this, we'll send a sample printed glassine bag to anyone interested in full color prints to get your approval before proceeding with your order.

See pricing below for Digitally Printed Glassine Bags. Lead times are 2-3 weeks.

To place your order, email with:

  • Your desired Glassine Bag size and quantity (minimum of 500)
  • Your art file and any information about your art
  • Your mailing address where we can ship a branded bag sample

Full Color Branded Glassine Bag Pricing (Per Case, 2 Case Minimum)

  • GB6x1.5x8-250-CUST - $82.50
  • GB8x1.5x9.75-250-CUST - $87.50
  • GB9x1.5x11-250-CUST - $104.50
  • GB11x1.5x15.75-250-CUST - $111.50
  • GB13x1.5x19-250-CUST - $126.50