Case Study Bedrock Sandals

Bedrock Sandals


The Adventure

Equal parts big adventure and simple living, Bedrock Sandals® are freedom footwear for the great outdoors.

While working outdoor field jobs in Northern California, Dan Opalacz and Nick Pence realized the need for premium quality sandals that could withstand the heavy wear and tear of their adventurous lifestyles.

Today, the Bedrock team thoughtfully assembles every sandal in their small, Richmond, California Headquarters, with a commitment to respecting and protecting people and the planet.

Bedrock Sandals Assembly

Proud members of 1% for the Planet, they donate 1% of their sales to help conserve and restore the environment.

Unlike most apparel, shoe, and accessory brands that are driven by cheap, disposable products, Bedrock commits to the durability and long-term ownership of their sandals. They have a rock solid warranty and an affordable Re-Soul program that encourages customers to repair their sandals rather than replace them.

The Vision

When Bedrock Sandals first launched their e-commerce storefront, they shipped sandals in standard shipping boxes. But they wanted to create a recipient experience that mirrored their company's ideas and passion.

Bedrock approached us for a packaging solution that complemented their ethos, embodied their environmental commitment and ideas, and illustrated their unique aesthetic and brand.

Bedrock sought eco-friendly packaging solutions, which here at EcoEnclose means:

1. Using the greatest percentage of recycled content (post-consumer recycled content in particular)
2. Using the least amount of material in the packaging as possible
3. Easy to recycle and easily recyclable
4. Sourcing environmentally friendly inks and labels

The Partnership

Bedrock team member Matt McAdow, who is an extraordinary artist and graphic designer, hand-sketched a stunning design that illustrated a variety of Bedrock-inspired adventures: fishing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and more. The powerful art mirrored their brand.

Bedrock Sandals Box Design

Converting hand-drawn artwork into a print-ready art file is challenging. Companies, particularly those with lower volumes, will face roadblocks with these types of graphics when working with packaging companies that require a "œvectorized, print-ready art file."

EcoEnclose also typically asks for specific, vector art formats so we can make sure the print is the standard of quality and precision that our customers expect.

However, we love helping innovative, eco-minded businesses bring their vision to life and knew this was an opportunity to do so. Our art department worked to align Bedrock's design with their box die line, convert the hand-drawn art into a print-ready art file, and create a gorgeous, full-panel, full-coverage printed, custom-size shipping box (say that ten times fast!).


EcoEnclose's 100% recycled custom-size shipping boxes (of which 95% is post-consumer content), are a unique offering in the industry in that they are eco-friendly, custom sized and can be custom designed in a myriad of ways (at relatively low minimum order quantities starting at just 250).

Scaling the Experience

2017 was a big year for Bedrock.

They launched their Re-Soul program and worked with EcoEnclose to create branded 100% Recycled Kraft Mailers; designed to ship re-soled sandals to customers.

Later in 2017, Bedrock launched their sandals in retail stores, including outdoor retail giant, REI.

Instead of using standard, boring shoe boxes, or creating a completely separate design for the retail experience, they opted to use the same intricately branded box for retail sales we'd helped them create for direct sales.

And in their continued quest to run an environmentally conscious company, they transitioned to using Algae Inksâ„¢ for their prints.

The Bottom Line

This special shipping box, along with the branded hemp bag they package Bedrock sandals in, yields tremendous success because of how well this branded collateral aligns with and extends their brand through the recipient experience.

Because of their passion for helping others live outdoors in freedom, Bedrock has amassed an active and passionate base of loyal customers and followers.

Data shows that 40% of customers would share an image of premium branded e-commerce packaging on social media. Bedrock has seen this trend firsthand. Followers, aka "œBedrockers", flood Instagram with images of Bedrock's products and branded packaging to showcase their own adventurous spirit to the world.

Bedrock Sandals Box on Instagram

When Bedrock added these retail boxes added to their packaging mix, we established a pricing structure that reflected their projected annual volumes. We developed a production schedule that enabled them to receive a fixed volume of boxes every 2-3 months.

Their leadership recognized early on that the packaging experience extends their brand and their values, and that investments in well designed, sustainable packaging generate ROI by strengthening brand perception and customer engagement.

Bedrock Sandals is an incredible company - with high quality, high functioning products that the market needs; a passionate team of founders and employees who authentically embody the spirit of company; and a strong commitment to running an ethical and environmentally conscious business.

Wondering how eco-friendly packaging can strengthen your brand? Let's talk numbers:

  • 75% of customers emphasize their desire to receive products in eco-friendly packaging
  • 48% of consumers feel that packaging reflects the value of the shipment"“the better the packaging, the better the product.
  • 52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant that delivers their products in "thoughtful packaging"
  • Over 40% of consumers said eco-friendly makes them more likely to share a product image or video on social media.
If your company is similarly driven by a unique ethos and your customer base is as passionate and engaged as Bedrockers are (or they have the potential to be), consider revamping your e-commerce packaging portfolio to make sure recipients are getting an exceptional experience that strengthens their loyalty, reflects your values and increases sales.

Not sure where to start or what packaging mix is the right fit for your brand? Need help designing the perfect eco-friendly packaging experience? We'd love to help!

Contact us to set up a free consultation where we'll discuss your product set, your customers, your brand, your budget, and your vision to create the right solution for your business.