Sustainable Packaging Case Studies

Sustainable Packaging Case Studies

Whether you're just starting out or shipping 1,000+ orders per week, you're likely balancing sustainability, branding and operations. Learn how other brands have navigated their journey to sustainable packaging.

American Dairy Association Northeast

Redesigning for sustainability

We worked with ADANE to adjust its design. Doing so enabled their shipping boxes to be more eco-friendly and more budget-friendly.


Achieving sustainability and budget goals

We changed their product size and order to a custom mailer size that would allow Tombolo to effectively ship their orders while staying within their size requirements.

Bedrock Sandals

Scaling with you

Bedrock followers flood Instagram with images of Bedrock's products and branded packaging to showcase their own adventurous spirit to the world.


Enhancing the customer experience with reduced, recycled packaging

Armoire started with a two-mailer strategy and accessories for branding. Now, their dual-use mailers use far less materials and deliver a better customer experience.


Achieving sustainability, budget, and supply chain resilience

Subscription-based companies can have a major environmental impact. Scentbird did just that by transitioning to a recycled and recyclable mailer.