COVID-19 Resources for Small Business

We’ve developed these resources for businesses and business leaders that have been negatively affected by COVID and are struggling to manage cash or find their footing with slumping sales or halted operations. We hope you find these small business resources valuable as you navigate the impact and uncertainties of COVID-19 measures. Questions, suggestions or additional resources you'd like to see here? Contact us at

EcoEnclose Operational Update

EcoEnclose is operational and fully stocked. Click here to learn more about our current status.

Small Business COVID-19 Financing Resources

This piece outlines cash flow and financing resources that can cover expenses such as rent, utilities, payroll and working capital if sales have slowed or halted altogether as a result of coronavirus protection measures. Click here to review our summary and check out this Google Spreadsheet, a more searchable list.

Strategic Planning Guidance to Help Manage Your Business During COVID-19

Here, we offer a framework for how small businesses might think about their strategy and next steps in light of COVID-19. This is the second in our series of pieces to help support businesses in a small way through this public health emergency. We see three phases of work, and a myriad of steps to take in each phase. Some may or may not be relevant to you - depending on your industry, how affected you've been by social distancing measures, the size of your team, how heavily you rely on your business as a sole source of income, etc. We encourage you to pick and choose the tips that make the most sense for you and your business. Click here to begin planning.

Leadership and Communication Guidance During COVID-19

In this piece, we offer strategies to help you lead decisively and confidently during this uncertain and evolving time. The guidance is organized by the three key things a great leadership should focus on right now: Taking action and making decisions, Communicating with your team and stakeholders, Inspiring leadership and camaraderie among your team. Our hope is that you and your organization, regardless of size and how COVID measures have impacted you, come through this stronger than you went in. If you’re a single-person team, we offer ideas to help you be decisive and communicate with your suppliers, partners and customers right now. For larger organizations, we share guidance on team communication, motivation and culture building. Read the article here.

We Would Love To Promote You

If your business is running any promotions or initiatives during this time and would like our help spreading the world, please reach out. We would love to promote you via our social media feeds and any other channels that may be relevant. You can contact me at Check out our Instagram feed to see how we've highlighted other companies. #smallbusinessspotlight