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Paper Stretch Wrap
20" x 492'

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Paper Stretch Wrap is a manual pallet wrap that is a plastic-free alternative to traditional plastic pallet stretch wrap. It offers similar protection while being curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable.

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Paper Stretch Wrap is a curbside recyclable, paper-based pallet wrap for those looking to make the transition to plastic-free packaging strategies. As a bonus, this paper wrap is reusable as sustainable void fill.

Paper Stretch Wrap works well for symmetrical, square pallets. It provides solid protection and adhesion to ensure integrity of goods during transport. This paper product can stretch into shape, maximizing the strength and stiffness of its fibers, creating a much stronger wrap with the ability to nearly double in length. This leads to a robust, stretchable pallet wrapping product proven to outperform plastic-based product protection alternatives.


If your pallets are non-uniform and hold a variety of mixed items, we recommend our plastic Recycled Stretch Wrap.

As business seek to minimize plastic, we recognize that plastic stretch wrap for pallet protection is one key place to look for paper alternatives. We have determined that paper wrap may work well in certain cases. However, there are some notable drawbacks to consider.

  1. Paper wrap will not hold cases on a pallet as well as its plastic counterpart.
  2. Pallets loaded with heavy cases or subject to excessive force and jolting may not fare as successfully with paper wrap versus plastic pallet wrap.
  3. Paper Stretch Wrap is made with paper, which has a higher carbon footprint than plastic, and is made with virgin materials.


Made from readily renewable raw materials that can be regrown.



Paper fibers do not contain added synthetic polymers.

Curbside Recyclable

Curbside Recyclable

Commonly accepted in most curbside recycling programs across the US.


Made in Overseas

Manufactured in Germany.

Material 100% virgin kraft paper fiber made from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources

Manual stretch wrap, compatible with standard hand dispensers and manual mobile machines with a mechanical brake system

End-of-Life Curbside recyclable with paper, naturally biodegradable
Origin Made in Germany
Quantity Single roll or case of 2 rolls
Roll dimensions 20" x 492'
Roll weight 8 lbs
Inner Core 19" x 2"
Crepe Stretch approx. 25-30%
Color Natural kraft