Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Host(ess)


Banner Bee Company: PowerBoost Adaptogenic Selection


Banner Bee Company is a 3rd generation beekeeping/honey company in the nationally recognized Montgomery county, MD Agricultural Reserve (93,000 acres of preserved farmland just outside of Washington DC). They manage their honeybee apiaries organically and sustainably, placing their honeybees on certified organic and organically managed farms/properties in the region. This PowerBoost honey tasting flight is a collection of our super-charged adaptogenic infusions! Ready to give to your most health conscious host(ess) for their own honey tasting!

Don Carvajale Cafe Light Haitian Roast

$14.99 USD

What does a host need after planning the perfect holiday party? Coffee of course. Bring them a unique bag of beans that reflects your values. Don Carvajal Cafe is passionate about more than just expertly made, freshly roasted coffee—they want to change the way coffee is consumed, from production to distribution. Ethically sourced coffee, enabling transparency through direct-trade with their caficultores. We source directly from farmers, roast, and send fresh coffee your way. Literally, farm to cup. 

The High Fiber Set of 3 Kitchen Towels

$38 USD


Absorbent, soft, and lint free, these flour sack towels will quickly become a favorite in the kitchen. They are hard working, super soft, and ultra thirsty kitchen companions. Each towel is printed by hand using solvent free, environmentally kind ink on a 28" X 29" unbleached, natural cotton towel. The High Fiber is a family owned business - Daphne designs and sews while Ed hand pulls each print. They use natural fibers, environmentally kind inks and processes, and they burn their own silk screens using straight sunshine.

JungleVine Kaluna Purse

$69.99 USD

Ditch the boring hostess gifts and give your friend something truly unique (and stylish!). This purse is made by JungleVine, a nonprofit that works to promote eco-friendly products hand made by Khmu artisans in Laos. To make the bags, they harvest stems from a fast-growing native vine, Pueraria phaseoloides.  When harvesting the vine, the Khmu leave the crown in the ground so that the vine, a perennial, can regrow rapidly.  Using a sharp blade, they split the stems and strip the fiber from the pulp.  The waste pulp, or hurd, is fed to their chicken or goats, leaving nothing to waste.  They hang the fine hair-like bast fibers to dry, and once dry, they hand-spin the fiber using no tools, just their hands and legs, and spool it onto a stick in preparation for making Nature Bags or other JungleVine® products.  From vine to bag, it takes about two weeks to create a single piece. This purse truly tells a story. 

World For Good Dog Treat Gift Bag

$15 USD


World for Good helps give underprivileged communities a way to earn fair wages by making fabric tote bags out of textile scraps that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Left-over fabric scraps from clothing manufacturing companies are donated to nonprofit centers that employ the underprivileged community. The makers make the fabric bags that World For Good sells. Every purchase supports fair wage employment and skills training for women who are at a high risk or survivors of trafficking, slavery and/or poverty. This Dog Treat Gift Bag is a great token for that hostess who loves her dog and loves the planet!