Eco-Friendly Holiday Packaging for Every Industry

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Our holiday packaging ideas by industry aim to help reduce waste, showcase your brand, and celebrate the season. While the recommendations across industries are unique, the themes are similar.
  • Maximize recycled content in every packaging option
  • Ensure recyclability of each packaging solution
  • Develop solutions that replace the need for secondary gift wrap
  • Provide end-of-life instructions to encourage responsible packaging recycling

The aesthetics and sustainability of your packaging always matters. During the holidays, it matters even more. Why do we believe this?

Impress new customers
The holidays are a time when many companies gain a plethora of new customers. Taking the time to invest in thoughtful packaging helps build loyalty and referrals from these first time buyers.
Convey Your sustainability Commitment
Many holiday purchases are delivered directly to the recipient. This brings the added responsibility of ensuring packaging that conveys how much care loved ones put into their purchase. If your sustainability and ethics are a big part of your brand, your customers will want their recipients to know. Ensure your packaging aligns with your brand and does justice to the efforts your customers made.
Reduce waste
The holidays are an embarrassingly wasteful time. Taking thoughtful steps with your packaging can help replace wasteful, virgin, nonrecyclable packaging and wrapping paper with your more sustainable alternatives and reduce the time and need for gift wrapping in the first place if your shipping packaging can go straight under the tree.

Holiday Packaging Guidance by Industry