Cutter & Buck: EcoReport

This mailer from

was designed with the environment in mind.

How To Dispose

curbside with paper
Cutter & Buck Chose:

100% Recycled Content

97% post-consumer waste.

Made in the USA

Produced and printed in Pennsylvania.

Curbside Recyclable

Curbside recyclable with paper products and naturally biodegradable.

Learn why EcoEnclose encourages recycling over composting.

This Mailer Saves*

1.23431 Gallons of Water
109 BTUs of Energy
0.77121 lbs of Wood
1.15313 lbs of CO2 Equivalent
*Compared to an equivilant mailer made with no recycled content. Extend the impact by reusing this packaging. We certify these statements here. Our eco calculator lives here.

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