Forest Project: EcoReport

This mailer from

was designed with the environment in mind.

How To Dispose

curbside with paper
Forest Project Chose:

100% Recycled Paper

90% sourced from recycling bins across the USA (post-consumer waste).

10% sourced from paper manufacturing scrap (post-industrial waste).

Made in the USA

Produced and printed in Illinois.

Curbside Recyclable and Naturally Biodegradable

Uncoated paper breaks down organically, but recycling this mailer is the best way to dispose of it.

Design Printed with Black Algae Ink

Most ink pigment comes from petroleum sources. This came from algae cells - and it's carbon negative.



This mailer saves*

0.669 Gallons of Water
590 BTUs of Energy
0.418 lbs of Wood
0.625 lbs of CO2 Equivalent
*Compared to an equivilant mailer made with no recycled content. Extend the impact by reusing this packaging. We certify these statements here. Our eco calculator lives here.

By combining a tangible bracelet and a trackable tree-planting experience, our goal is to educate customers about the climate crisis and excite them about helping the planet.

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