Glassine Bags Manufacturing Facility

Currently, our Eco Glassine Bags are manufactured in China. We are working hard to establish a North American manufacturing presence for these as well, but we intend to maintain Asian manufacturing long-term as well.

Glassine bags are used for inner product protection (rather than as a shipping solution). For most companies, the most important function of glassine bags or clear poly bags is to protect products (typically apparel) as they are transported from the manufacturer to distribution centers to retail stores or fulfillment centers. Because so many brands manufacture their products in Asia it makes ecological sense to manufacture internal packaging in Asia as well.

That said, we recognize that many brands manufacture goods in North America. Additionally, some companies produce their own apparel in-house, and then use internal packaging to separate and protect finished goods in their own domestic warehouse. Finally, we know glassine is often used by artists to protect their goods. Because of these situations, we are working hard to establish a second, US-based manufacturing stream for these goods.   

Eco Glassine Bags are manufactured in Dongguan, China, in a facility that has very high social standards and compliance requirements, and adheres to the “Workplace Standards” of some of the world’s largest apparel and footwear brands. The facility was SA8000 certified from 2014-2017 and is ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 certified.

The paper used to manufacture these Eco Glassine Bags comes from British Columbia, Canada. The tree species used are a controlled blend of Western Yellow; Red Cedar and BC Interior Spruce, Pine; Fir (SPF).