• Hemp Twine - 400ft - One Spool
  • 100% Hemp Twine - 400ft - Sustainable Packaging Twine
  • 100% Hemp Packaging Twine - Sustainable Twine

Hemp Twine - 400ft - One Spool


Note that because of supply and manufacturing issues, we are temporarily unable to offer our standard, kraft colored twine. Currently, we are offering an alternative hemp twine that is a light beige color. This is a 100% natural product and no dyes or chemicals are used to achieve this color. This temporary alternative is made in China. We are working to bring back our standard kraft colored offering as soon as possible, and continue to explore ways to manufacture this product in North America.

Twine is an incredible addition to any packaging strategy. Some of our favorite packaging designs wrap products in packing paper or GreenWrap, and tie these bundles up with twine. EcoEnclose's 100% hemp twine gives a unique, earthy and beautiful presentation! You can also use the twine to affix hang tags to products. Other uses include crafts, gardening, and landscaping. EcoEnclose twine is made from 100% natural hemp. Hemp is a very strong fiber, biodegradable, and compostable. It is a sustainable crop (as compared to materials like cotton and wood for paper) and a renewable resource. Most of our products are American Made. This twine is made in Hungary, given the restrictions on hemp production and manufacturing that still existing in the US today. We strongly believe in hemp as a resource, and hope you find this to be a great addition to our line.

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EcoEnclose Twine is made from 100% natural hemp. It is plant derived, biodegradable, compostable, and made from a sustainably grown and renewable resource.


  • 100% hemp
  • Unpolished finish
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Renewable
  • Oil free
  • 100% Hemp
  • Length: Approximately 400 Feet / 122 Meters
  • #48 = 1.8mm thickness
  • Weight per ball: 0.45lb Made in Hungary