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Testing, researching and developing sustainable products 

As business owners ourselves, we know that operating an ethical, environmentally-responsible company can be tough. But here’s the thing we love about eco-friendly packaging: earth-friendly packaging helps you grow your brand and sales, while simultaneously doing right by Mother Earth. As we continue to empower ecommerce brands to be a force for positive environmental change, that means we’re always in research and development so we can test new products and bring them to market, as well as empower businesses to make environmentally smart packaging choices.


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Partner with us

Let’s work together: 

  • Are you a manufacturer interested in advancing your capabilities and testing our new earth-friendly materials or designs?

  • Are you developing a new earth-friendly material, formulation or manufacturing process -- but aren’t sure how to bring it to market?

  • Are you a sustainable ecommerce business that prides yourself in making thoughtful, earth-friendly decisions across your entire business? Do you stay on the cutting edge of sustainability?

If any of these describe you or your business, we’d love to work with you! Contact us at [email protected]. Continue reading to learn more about our specific innovations and partnerships.