Custom Tissue Paper

Custom tissue paper increases the perceived value of your product by 24%, and 75% of consumers want to receive orders in eco-friendly packaging. Now you can have both.
EcoEnclose tissue paper is uniquely made with 100% recycled content and 20% post-consumer waste. Brand your recycled tissue paper while staying true to your eco-conscious values - our tissue is also FSC® certified, recyclable, naturally biodegradable, and printed with water-based inks that are recycle and compost-friendly.
Available in a 10# basis weight in white and Kraft and starting at 10 reams, our tissue paper is the perfect addition to your custom packaging strategy.

NEW! Brand your tissue paper with Algae Ink™

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Design Guidance

Our artwork guidelines serve as an overview of our printing parameters. Please read them before placing your order.


A real, live member of our design team will work with you to finalize logo size, placement, and print direction after your order is submitted. Expect to receive a digital proof within 3 business days.


Once the proof suits your design vision and aligns with our printing capabilities, we request your written approval. After we receive your written approval, your lead time begins.

 Why Choose Branded Tissue Paper? 

A critical part of the unboxing experience, branded tissue paper shows that you put thought into every part of the process.
Instead of filling your box with harmful plastic, fill it with 100% recycled paper. Custom printed, patterned tissue paper will make your customers happier than drab plastic- it’s like opening a holiday gift any time they get a package from you. Not only will it make them happy, it’ll make them more likely to reorder.
Personalized tissue paper you can make your own and feel good about sending out into the world because of its recycled content? That’s the EcoEnclose difference.

The World's Most Sustainable Custom Tissue Paper

Recycled Content

We are proud to be one of the few companies offering 100% recycled tissue paper. All of our tissue paper is made of 20% post-consumer content.


Learn why 100% recycled is a critical component of sustainable tissue paper.

FSC® Certified

We work tirelessly to ensure our product is as environmentally friendly as possible.


Our tissue paper is not only 100% recycled, but is also pH neutral, processed chlorine free, and FSC® certified.

Print with Algae Ink

Take your sustainability to the next level with black Algae Ink. Our latest innovation in tissue printing, Algae Ink is a carbon-negative technology. Tissue's translucenty means Algae Ink is softer on tissue when compared to paper mailers.


Or, choose your own custom PMS color, which is printed with water-based ink.


Our tissue is recyclable, naturally biodegradable, and compostable. It is also free of glitter, foil, plastic and other additives that can contaminate recycling and composting streams.


Learn more about tissue paper recycling and check your local recycler's guidance on how to dispose of tissue in your area.



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your artwork specifications and requirements?

Designing unique tissue paper with ease.

Not sure where to start when designing your tissue paper? Check out our artwork guidelines, including design guidance, print details, and file type requirements.

Our guidelines are an overview of our printing parameters. Don’t worry! We have a real, live human review and proof your artwork before production. We are here to answer any questions you have along the way. Contact our design team.

Can I print tissue paper with Algae Ink?

Black Algae Ink now available for branded tissue paper.

We are thrilled to now offer black Algae Ink on tissue paper! This carbon-negative printing ink technology utilizes algae cells for pigments, making it safer and cleaner to work with, and more compatible with the recycling and composting process.
Simply input Black Algae Ink as your ink color when placing your order.
Given that tissue paper is thin and semi-translucent, it is important to note that Algae Ink pigment is less vibrant on tissue paper when compared to products such as paper mailers and corrugated shipping boxes.

What size is each tissue paper sheet?

Right-sizing tissue paper for your business.

Each sheet of custom printed tissue paper is 19.5 x 30". If you are interested in a custom size, pleasecontact us to discuss options and quotes.

How long will it take to receive my branded tissue paper?

Process and timeline for branded tissue paper production.

Lead times vary throughout the year. Please check out our current lead times here. This page is updated frequently and provides the most up-to-date information.

Note that lead times start when your digital proof is approved. You will receive a digital proof of your tissue paper three days after order placement. Once your proof is approved, your lead time will begin.

Is your custom tissue paper recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable?

The end-of-life of custom printed tissue paper.

Most tissue paper on the market (including ours) is labeled as recyclable. Technically, all tissue paper free of glitter and foil is recyclable and can be repulped and turned back into another form of paper.

However, for a municipality to accept an item for recycling, the facility must have the infrastructure to sort the material and profitable markets to sell into. Many municipalities don’t accept tissue paper for recycling, even if labeled as recyclable, because it is low-grade, even 100% virgin tissue paper, so it isn’t easy for them to find buyers willing to pay for it.

The good news is that tissue paper free of glitter, plastic, and foils is accepted at many compost facilities and can be home-composted. It can be a reasonably healthy addition to a compost pile because it absorbs excess moisture generated by food waste and bioplastics. When composting tissue paper, please ensure it has no foil, glitter, or shiny coating.

If you plan on incorporating custom tissue paper into your eCommerce packaging strategy, we recommend avoiding a blanket statement such as “our tissue paper is 100% recyclable” in favor of “recyclable; check with your local facilities.” Learn more about tissue paper end-of-life on our blog.

Do you offer branded tissue paper samples?

Visualizing your design prior to print.

We do not offer custom design samples, but we share a digital proof designed to show the design layout, text accuracy, image proportion, and artwork placement on the tissue sheet. You will receive a digital proof within three days after order placement.

We offer free samples of our stock tissue paper so that you can get a feel for our materials. We also provide samples of the work produced by other brands we serve, so you can get a feel for print quality - contact us for more details.

I don't need 10 reams of tissue paper. What are my options?

Smaller quantities of 100% recycled tissue paper.

We cannot offer custom branding on less than ten reams of tissue paper because our tissue is printed flexographically. Flexographic printing is a process that requires printing plates, relatively long setup times, and fixed costs that only make sense if at least ten reams are being printed at a time.

We recognize that not all brands are ready for this much tissue! As such, we offer plain white and plain Kraft tissue paper, as well as a variety of gorgeous, patterned tissue paper that are all available in reams of 480 sheets. Shop stock tissue paper here.

Why do I need custom tissue paper?

Custom tissue paper and perceived value.

Branded tissue paper can increase the perceived value of your product by 24%, and 75% of consumers want to receive orders in eco-friendly packaging. A critical part of the unboxing experience, personalized tissue paper shows that you put thought into every aspect of the process.

Your products need protection; why not do it in style? Plus, instead of filling your box with harmful plastic, you’ll fill it with 100% recycled paper. Custom printed tissue paper will make your customers happier than drab plastic- it’s like opening a holiday gift whenever they get a package from you. Not only will it make them happy, but it’ll also make them more likely to reorder. Because of its recycled content, you can make your own pretty tissue paper and feel good about sending it out into the world. That’s the EcoEnclose difference.

Why is EcoEnclose tissue paper eco-friendly?

100% recycled content matters.

The vast majority of tissue paper on the market today is made with virgin tree fibers. Much of it is bleached and heavily dyed.

EcoEnclose is one of the few companies offering 100% recycled tissue paper, proudly manufactured and printed in the USA. The recycled content in the paper comes from pre-consumer waste (such as scraps from printing lines and coffee filter manufacturing) and post-consumer waste (such as copy paper). The recycled content is sourced within hundreds of miles of the mill. Our fully customizable tissue paper is also certified sustainably sourced.

While any kind of tissue paper for sale poses a unique challenge for recycling due to its short fibers, 20% of our decorative tissue paper is still made from post-consumer content. 100% recycled tissue paper isn’t quite as soft as virgin tissue paper, making it less ideal for kitchens, restaurants, or bathrooms. What makes it less attractive for other uses makes our tissue paper for packaging the ideal choice for bulk tissue paper that you can use in your shipped packages.

We carry FSC® certification (FSC-C190100) for our tissue paper, which comes from 100% recycled inputs. By choosing FSC® certified products, you support responsible management of the world’s forests.

EcoEnclose has lots of void fill options. Which is right for my business?

Tissue paper, corrugated bubble, Flexi-Hex, and more.

Are you debating between tissue paper packaging, ornament paper shred, and our other cushioning options? We get it! There are a lot of attractive options for protective and decorative packaging.

Explore our Definitive Guide to Protective Packaging to learn what void fill is, when you need it and when you can forgo it, and what functionality you need from it for your specific packaging requirements.

Here you’ll learn if and when tissue paper is the right solution for your business versus when our alternatives are a better fit.

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