Multi-Panel Printed Shipping Boxes: Plate Pricing

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Wondering what the printing plate costs will be on your custom printed shipping boxes? Read on for our pricing structure on single pane and multi-panel prints across all of our box styles.

You'll see that the pricing structure is based on the dimensions of your box (which dictate the dimensions of your plate as well). 

Tab Locking Boxes, Literature Mailers, One Panel Fold boxes, and Trays

If Your Longest Dimension Is Single Panel Mid Coverage Print Full Coverage Print
10 inches or less $95 $125 $350
Between 10 and 15 inches $125 $200 $500
Over 15 inches $175 $350 $800

What is a Mid Coverage Print?

  • Plate is typically about half of the size of the flat box
  • For an outside box print, it will often be a printed box in which the top panel + front and/or back panel are printed (can also include printing on the left and right flaps that are tucked INTO the box)
  • For an inside box print, it will often include a bottom panel print + back and/or right and left panel

What is a Full Coverage Print?

  • The printing plate is more than half of the size of the flat box
  • It will often include the top panel and the left or right side of the box (and/or the bottom of the box)
  • In many instances, these are full wrap print across an entire box 

Here's a visual:

custom printed box coverage
If you're not sure, feel free to submit your order and we'll let you know in the proofing process if we need to change your coverage and plate fee. Please feel free to contact us at anytime for guidance!

Regular Slotted Container or a Five Panel Fold Box

If Your Longest Dimension Is Single Panel Any two panels Three or more panels
10 inches or less $95 $175 $500
Between 10 and 15 inches $150 $300 $1,000
Over 15 inches $300 $500 $1,750

Two Color Prints and Inside and Outside Box Prints

If you are printing the outside and inside of your box, you will be charged for two plates. Each plate's price is calculated based on above tables.
For example, if you have a 10x5x2 Tab Locking Box with a full coverage outside print and single panel inside print, your plate fee would be: $350 for outside plate + $95 for inside plate

If you are printing in two colors, you'll be charged a separate plate for each color. Each plate's price would be calculated based on the above table as it relates to each color.