• 100% Hemp Twine - 223ft - Sustainable Packaging Twine

Rustic Hemp Twine
223ft - One Spool

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Rustic Hemp Twine is made from 100% natural hemp with an unpolished finish. It is plant-derived, naturally biodegradable, compostable, and made from a sustainably grown and renewable resource.

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Twine is an incredible addition to a sustainable packaging strategy. Some of our favorite packaging designs wrap products in packing paper or GreenWrap, and tie these bundles up with twine. You can also use the twine to affix hang tags to products.

Our rustic hemp twine’s unpolished finish gives a unique, earthy presentation. Hemp is a very strong fiber that is both naturally biodegradable and compostable. It is a sustainable crop, as compared to materials like cotton and wood for paper, and a renewable resource.

Most of our products are domestically manufactured. This twine is made in China, given the restrictions on hemp production and manufacturing in the US today. We strongly believe in hemp as a resource and hope you find this a great addition to our line.



Made from readily renewable raw materials that can be regrown.



Hemp fibers do not contain added synthetic polymers.


Naturally Biodegradable

Will biodegrade in a reasonable period if left as litter in the land or ocean.



Can be composted in a home or industrial environment.


Made Overseas

Currently manufactured in China.

Material 100% natural hemp
Thickness #48 / 2mm
Material Features Unpolished and oil-free
End-of-Life/td> Naturally biodegradable and compostable in home or industrial environments
Origin Made in China
Quantity 1 roll
Length Approximately 223 feet / 68 meters
Weight 0.45lb per unit
Color Natural