Savings Calculator

Why choose recycled packaging from EcoEnclose? Our packaging options save resources, reduce water consumption, and release fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when compared to virgin counterparts. We've developed this Sustainability Savings Calculator to help you quantify your impact on the planet.

Select the packaging you use or are considering and input the number of orders you ship per week.

The tool will then output:

  • Resources used, greenhouse gases emitted, energy consumed and water consumed to produce 100% virgin versions of your selected packaging
  • The same stats to produce EcoEnclose's recycled versions of your selected packaging
  • Your sustainability savings by choosing EcoEnclose packaging - raw materials saved, reduction in carbon emissions, energy saved, water saved, etc.
Please be sure to reset the calculator each time you want to run a new scenario.

We recognize that resource estimates like these utilize a lot of assumptions, and that these assumptions are often debated. Specific sources for our calculations can be found at the bottom of the page.

Questions? Contact [email protected] for more information.
*Click reset before calculating for another product