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Commonplace paper shopping bags are dismally constructed from 50% virgin fiber. GASP -- Yes, we absolutely share in your shock! But we have good news: EcoEnclose Paper Shopping Bags are virtuously produced from 100% Recycled Paper, 90% of which is post-consumer content! By choosing our brown paper shopping bags over the average competitor, you will salvage, rescue, and reuse twice as much paper pulp otherwise headed for the local dump. Our 100% Recycled Kraft Paper Shopping Bags are an excellent alternative if you also take stake in the pursuit to reduce landfill rubbish and demand for virgin materials.

Our square-bottomed Kraft Paper Bags with Handles are easy to fill. The twisted paper handles are comfortable to carry. Overall the customizable kraft paper bag with handles is aesthetically on point and can be reused time and again. But the very best of all, iterated aloud for your enjoyment: our paper shopping bags are ethically eco-constructed in the USA from -- you guessed it -- 100% recycled content!

Due to inventory troubles, our 5.5" x 3" x 8.5" Paper Shopping Bags are temporarily manufactured in the USA and assembled in Mexico, unlike our other sizes. 

Grow your business, one branded package at a time. 

We are also proud to offer custom paper shopping bags wholesale! Branded packaging, including custom paper shopping bags, creates a strong first impression, encourages customer loyalty, and repeat sales. Not to mention, a whopping 83 percent of consumers would share an image of a package via social media if it is branded. 

All you need is your product, your desired packaging and your logo in vector format - we’ll take care of the rest. Find our full list of art specs and requirements for custom paper shopping bags an other custom packaging hereLooking for more information on wholesale packaging and other high volume custom projects? We can help with that, too. 

100% Recycled Paper Shopping Bags:

  • Fully recyclable & naturally biodegradable
  • Square bottom makes packing easy
  • Easy-to-carry paper twisted handles
  • High-end eco-aesthetic
  • Custom printing available
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Paper Weight: 60lb
  • SQF Certified for Food Safety (category 27)
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Weights and Dimensions By Shopping Bag Size

If you're looking for the weights and dimensions of your desired paper bags with handles, look no further! Find the product size and bundle/case type that you are considering in the table below.

Product Code Product Description Parcel Weight (lbs) Parcel Dimensions Bag Weight (lbs) Bag Weight (oz)
PS10x5x13.5 10 x 5 x 13.5" - 100% Recycled Paper Shopping Bags - Case of 250 48 21.25 x 17.5 x 14.25 0.192 1.6
PS10x5x13.5-CUST 10 x 5 x 13.5" - Custom-Printed 100% Recycled Custom Shopping Bags - Case of 250 48 21.25 x 17.5 x 14.25 0.192 1.6
PS16x6x13 16 x 6 x 13" - 100% Recycled Paper Shopping Bags - Case of 250 52 22.5 x 16.75 x 17.25 0.208 2.2
PS16x6x13-CUST 16 x 6 x 13" - Custom-Printed 100% Recycled Custom Shopping Bags - Case of 250 52 22.5 x 16.75 x 17.25 0.208 2.2
PS5.5x3x8.5 5.5 x 3 x 8.5" - 100% Recycled Paper Shopping Bags- Case of 250 17 13.25 x 12 x 20 0.068 0.8
PS5.5x3x8.5-CUST 5.5 x 3 x 8.5" - Custom-Printed 100% Recycled Paper Shopping Bags - Case of 250 17 13.25 x 12 x 20 0.068 0.8
PS8x5x10.5 8 x 5 x 10.5" - 100% Recycled Paper Shopping Bags - Case of 250 30 24.38 x 14 x 11.5 0.12 1

Paper vs. Plastic

A common debate in the world of retail is the merits of paper shoppers vs. plastic ones. While they each have their pros and cons, which we go into detail here in our in-depth paper vs. plastic breakdown, for shopping bags, it’s hard to beat a recycled kraft paper shopping bag. Not only do they look and feel great, they’re able to be made with a high percentage of post-consumer content. Not only are they eco-friendly, custom shopping bags also have a premium aesthetic, critical in forming first impressions of your brand. Regardless of your reasons for going with paper or plastic, always go for the one with the highest level of recycled content, with as much of it post-consumer content as possible.