Recycled Mailers




EcoEnclose provides a variety of ecofriendly mailers to meet your unique shipping needs. All of our mailers are made from recycled content and are recyclable. All of our paper-based mailers can also be composted. Our paper mailers are made from 100% recycled content, and over 70% post consumer waste Our poly mailers are made with 100% recycled content, and 50% post-consumer waste.

If you are trying to choose between our paper-based mailers or poly mailers, and aren't sure which is the most eco friendly choice, review our research on Paper versus PlasticGuide to Sustainable Packaging, and our Definitive Guide to Poly Mailers for guidance. If you are unsure which will work best for your business, order free samples of any of mailers and try a few before you buy.

Each of our mailers is the result of our quest to find the most sustainable option possible. Every mailer is a reflection of our core values - our true dedication to Planet Earth and helping the bad ass companies we work with ship in alignment with their eco values.

But ... these mailers are so much more than just ecofriendly. We made the conscious choice to create a mailer that stands up to other options in every regard, not just in eco friendliness. All of our mailers are stylish, make for excellent presentation, durable, high quality, and easy to use in fulfillment. All of our mailers are made in the USA.

We are often asked about wholesale pricing for our mailers. You'll see that we offer generous volume discounts, which will be auto applied when you add mailers to your cart, allowing anyone to buy shipping envelopes wholesale. If you are looking for significantly higher volumes of mailers (25,000 or more per shipment) and plan to order these monthly or quarterly, contact us here.


The majority of our mailers are customizable starting at 500 units - learn more here!