Two Color Branded Shipping Boxes

Right Here Right Now is a Colorado-based company on a mission to inspire people to live in the present and get the most out of life. Their products aim to “inspire change one moment at a time.” Well, for EcoEnclose, they certainly inspired change!

At their request and with their partnership, we completed our first two color box print and are pleased to now offer two color branded shipping boxes to all of our customers. As you can see from Right Here Right Now’s gorgeous branded boxes, the two colors really give their customers a unique and memorable #unboxing experience.

Because Right Here Right Now is fully focused on inspiring others to live in and enjoy the moment - however mundane it may be - it makes sense that this business sought a branded packaging experience that makes a recipient stop, take notice and appreciate the interaction. If your business has a similar focus on building a strong and memorable brand and customer experience, we encourage you to consider the two color print option!

If you are considering a two color box print, please read on to learn more about what we offer and how to get started. To start, email Tim at with your interest in a two-color box print, as our website does not currently allow for you to place these orders online. Send Tim the box style, box dimensions and quantity of boxes you want as well as an art file for your printed boxes (in a vector format such as .pdf, .ai or .eps). When thinking about your ink colors and your design, consider the following.

First, we can see up to ⅛” movement in registration per color. Because of this, we strongly recommend that your box design not require the two colors to interact precisely with each other. For example, if your design has an “i” in it, we would not recommend that you dot your “i” with a different color because the dot could be up to ⅛” inches off in registration.

Second, we recommend that your color scheme not require a light color be printed on top of a dark color. For example, if your design is printed in black and white, this would be feasible as long as the black design elements were always on top of the white design elements. Finally, the layering of the two colors has to be consistent throughout. So if you are printing in green and orange, and have green layering on top of the orange design component in one spot, the green design components must be on top of the orange throughout.

These recommendations are all driven by the fact that your boxes are printed using flexography, a printing process by which a flexible relief plate is inked and pressed on your custom cut shipping box. We will create a plate for each color and each plate is inked and pressed on your box sequentially. In the example above, the plate for the orange design components would be pressed first and the plate for the green design components would be pressed next (so all of those elements would sit on top of the orange).

If you are new to box printing or have more questions, don’t worry! Just contact us. We would be happy to review your design with you and share our experience and thoughts on how to make sure you turn your into a great print and opening experience for your customers. And we will then work closely with you during the entire process - from art proof to the delivery of boxes to your door.

Let’s get started:!



  • Art files must be in vector format
  • All fonts must be outlined
  • All supporting files must be embedded
  • Bleeds must be greater than 1/8"
  • Artwork must be in one to two colors
  • PDF previews may render differently in browser previews and phones
  • Please note that there is no way to see the true PMS color on a monitor. Proof colors will vary from monitor to monitor and should serve only as a reference. To see an accurate representation of a PMS color, you will need get ahold of the PMS coated/uncoated swatch books. Printing the proof with a digital printer will not give you an accurate representation of color because the conversion from PMS to CMYK is not perfect.  
  • Ink may fill in spaces less than 1/16th of an inch (for both fonts and graphics)
  • Over/Under runs will be within 5% of the order quantity specified
    • If under, you will be credited per box
    • If over, we will send you the extras
  • Registration Factor: 1/8” plus or minus
  • Side-to-side alignment tolerance: 1/16”
  • Minimum Font Size:
    • Positive (Sans Serifs): 10 pt. (Helvetica)
    • Positive (Serifs): 12 pt. (Times New Roman)
    • Negative (reversed out): 16 pt. (All fonts)
    • These are the baseline fonts. Since all fonts differ, we can’t specify font size for everything, but this should give you a baseline.
  • Once proofs have been approved, any costs incurred for production and reprinting are the responsibility of the customer. 


Have additional questions? Check out our full set of art requirements and specs