Video Packaging Tutorials

Shipping Box Guidance

How to (and how not to) fold a Tab Locking box

This video works for Literature Mailer style boxes as well! Learn how to fold what you receive (which arrives flat) into a beautiful, eco-friendly shipping box. This video also highlights common box folding errors - such as prefolding side creases and folding inside out.  

When and How to Use an OPF Box

The One Panel Fold box is not that common, but it is actually a great structure for thin mailings, such as books, framed prints, books, and apparel. We use this box style frequently for our own shipments. Learn more about how they look, how to get your dimensions, and how to tape it up.  

Choosing Between B Flute and E Flute for Presentation Style Boxes

We offer Tab Locking and Literature Mailer boxes in B Flute and E Flute. We are often asked - what is the difference? This video shows the two side by side to help you make the right decision for your business.

Shipping Glass: One Approach to Test Your Box Strength

Just a fun video to remind all of us that package handlers are not always kind to our goods (even...perhaps especially?...when they say "Fragile" on them). If you are nervous about how your packages will fare, here is one approach to pressure testing them.

Void Fill and Green Wrap Guidance

GreenWrap Part 1: How to Assemble your Dispenser

There is a lot inside the box when you receive your GreenWrap!

This video shows you (quickly!) how to open the box, pull the parts out, and set up your dispenser so you can start using your GreenWrap!

GreenWrap Part 2: How to Adjust GreenWrap Dispenser Tension

We sometimes hear from customers that their GreenWrap either is not expanding at all or is tearing when it is pulled. Often, this means that the tension needs to be adjusted. This video shows you how to adjust tension, and what happens when you make it tighter and looser.

GreenWrap Part 3: How to Use GreenWrap

Dispenser set up? Check. Tension is perfect? Check.

Now its time to start using your GreenWrap! This video shows you our preferred method of using GreenWrap to wrap and present your products.

Three Ways to Use Corrugated Bubble

We LOVE corrugated bubble! We know many companies use paper shred as void fill. While paper shred looks beautiful, it is unrecyclable because the individual papers are too small to be properly sorted. Corrugated bubble solves that problem - it is 100% recycled AND curbside recyclable. This video shows you three different ways to use corrugated bubble.

Choosing Between Different Void Fill Options

If you are trying to choose between different void fill and packaging paper options, this video will help you understand the difference between our offerings.

Packaging Tape Guidance

Water Activated Tape: Manual Method and Manual Dispenser

We really love Water Activated Tape. It is strong, secure, easy to use, and we find we can use less tape than pressure sensitive alternatives. A lot of companies can't invest in a electric dispenser. This video shows two ways to use WAT when you're just starting out: A sponge or a manual dispenser.

Mailer Guidance

How to Reuse Bubble and Poly Mailers

All of our poly mailes and bubble mailers feature a dual tear strip and peel and seal, so the mailers can be used for returns (or a second shipment). But the mailer has to be opened correctly in order to use that second seal. This video shows how!

Using Pressure When Sealing on 100% Recycled Paper Mailers

100% recycled paperboard can be hard for adhesives to stick to, because the paper fibers are much shorter than virgin alternatives. Often, strong pressure can overcome this barrier. This video shows the impact of using a bit of pressure when sealing a Paper Apparel Mailer.

Traditional Labels Versus Hot Melt Labels on Padded Mailer

Some companies have struggled to find a highly effective label for Padded Mailers, which have the dual challenge of being an uneven surface and 100% recycled paper. If you have experienced this challenge, this video shows how our hot melt shipping label line outperforms standard mailers on difficult substrates.

Product Features

New and Improved Zero Waste Label Adhesive

Zero Waste Labels and Stickers are one of our favorite eco packaging solutions! Released last year, it is the world's only shipping label with a release liner made with 100% post-consumer waste that is also curbside recyclable. But the original adhesive wasn't quite strong enough and would sometimes peel off packaging made with 100% recycled paper. In June of 2020 we released a NEW and IMPROVED zero waste sticker line