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2022 Holiday Planning Tool

2022 Holiday Planning Tool

Posted on Aug 16th 2022

As your business looks ahead to the holiday season, it can be hard to know exactly how to plan for what is shaping up to be an uncertain year.

Yesterday,  we shared a blog post providing companies with an overview of the Top 2022 Holiday Trends we are seeing and how to apply those trends to your planning this season.

But it is one thing to read. It is another thing to plan. In this post, we share a 2022 Holiday Planning Calendar with instructions for use.

Find the 2022 Holiday Planning Calendar Here.

To use this tool, create a copy of the calendar for your use. The version you will access through our link is View Only.

  • The first tab is a section where you can outline your goals, key strategies, and tactics you plan to pursue this season. There is an existing outline of topics to consider based on the identified trends and the guidance we’ve provided.
  • The subsequent tabs are a calendar for September, October, November, and December. We’ve outlined vital deadlines, dates, and holidays. Finally, there is a section to record your monthly goals and rows for different tactics - social media, marketing, advertising, purchasing, etc.

Looking for a PDF version of the 2022 Holiday Planning Calendar? Find It Here.

Use this tool as a starting point for your business. Then, change your version as needed to make it work effectively for your goals.