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The Trouble With Art

Nov 8th 2016

The Trouble With Art | Eco-Friendly Packaging & Shipping for Art Your first stop for trouble shooting common art file issues. Sometimes it seems like graphic artists and the programs they us … read more

The EcoSkim: November 2016

Nov 2nd 2016

The EcoSkim November 2016 | Bimonthly Digest for Eco Minded Businesses What is The EcoSkim? A bimonthly digest from EcoEnclose that is chock full of articles, tips and tricks that we found valuabl … read more

The Eco Skim: August 2016

Jul 24th 2016

The Eco Skim: August 2016 | Bimonthly Digest for Eco Minded Businesses The Eco Skim is a new, bimonthly digest for eco minded businesses. If you (like us) try to stay on top of tips and news … read more

Earth Week 2016

Apr 14th 2016

Earth Week 2016 | Why Do We Need an Earth Day? If you’re like us, you might be thinking – why do we need an Earth Day? What makes April 22nd so special? Eco principles are important to me every da … read more

Conquer Dimensional Weight

Nov 1st 2015

Conquer Dimensional Weight Update: Be sure to check out our latest post with recent updates to dimensional weight, and a link to a newer dim weight calculator. By now you are probably well awar … read more

Eco Shipping 101

Oct 14th 2015

Eco-Friendly Shipping 101 | Sustainable Shipping Solutions To all you heroic, mission minded small businesses…building and growing a small business is HARD WORK! Doing it while staying true to what … read more

A Blossoming Business

Mar 26th 2015

A Blossoming Business | Soul Flower Eco-Friendly Clothing Company Peggy & Mike started Soul Flower out as a small retail shop in St. Paul, MN waaaaay back in 1999. It was a place for locals, hippi … read more

A Seedy New Love

Feb 4th 2015

A Seedy New Love | Planning My Garden It is my absolute favorite time of year...time to start planning my garden!  The harsh winter months leave me yearning not only for warm weather, but for … read more
Our Roots

Our Roots

Dec 31st 2014

Our Roots | Earth-friendly Shipping Supplies We pride ourselves on the fact that we pretty much invented our category: Earth-friendly Shipping Supplies. A wee-bit of background: before the birth of … read more