Make a Great First Impression

Make a Great First Impression

Posted on May 23rd 2016

The countless clichés and quotes just aren’t wrong – first impressions count for A LOT. Consider this - a survey by Dotcom Distribution found that 52 percent of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant that delivers premium packaging AND nearly 4 in 10 consumers would share an image of a delivery via social media if it came in a unique, branded package. 

If you’re getting a headache from these statistics, then just take a moment to consider the last time you unwrapped an iPhone or high-end electronic. It feels like Christmas and Hanukkah and your 21st birthday all in one!

But not everyone has millions of dollars to invest in packaging. If you (like us) do not, then here are three ideas to help you compete with those that do, by creating an incredible first impression.

  • Add your logo to make your package stand out! Start small, keep it simple and do something today! You can accomplish a lot by adding a very basic logo that announces the arrival of your package and helps it stand out from the 5 Amazon boxes already on the doorstep. We know many of you don’t have the time or money to hire a branding expert…and a graphic designer…and a packaging designer… and packaging manufacturer…and order tens of thousands of units. So we make it way easier, faster and cheaper. Take FIVE MINUTES: click here, choose your desired shipping package, upload your art and click Add to Cart.  Voila! We make it that easy for you to customize your shipping bag, envelope or box. Or just call (888-445-6575) or email us ( We can walk you through the process in minutes. Can it be this easy and look great? Yes! Here are some examples of packaging from the EcoEnclose community that will make you a believer: EcoEnclose Inspirations.
  • Make them feel like it's their birthday! Who says presents are only for birthdays and holidays? Think of creative ways to make your customers feel like it’s their special day. One easy way to is to wrap your product in beautiful and sustainable GreenWrap or kraft paper. Tie it in a bow with rustic twine or seal it with a sticker. And/or include a surprise! My most memorable unwrapping experience came from an EcoEnclose customer that makes awesome products for new mothers. Their branded mailer arrived at my door just two weeks before my second baby was due. Inside, the product was wrapped in tissue, bound with a beautiful sticker, and included a bonus recipe and an organic relaxation tea for new moms. Pretty amazing! I'm living proof that this strategy works - when I need to find a gift for a new mom, I'll always think about that experience. Now, as earth-loving eco-geeks, we generally promote packaging minimalism, but we also appreciate the reality of competition and believe the more products we can help mission minded businesses sell, the more sustainable and thoughtful our global supply chain will become!
  • Remind them that you are a human. Do you love buying goods from great companies run by passionate PEOPLE? Do you love calling customer service numbers and reaching friendly humans who understand and empathize? So consider adding that personalized touch when you package up your products. Write them a note to thank them for their purchase, give them a tip about the product, or just say hello and wish them a great day. At EcoEnclose, we have the privilege of serving some pretty incredible eco-friendly businesses. So we love to add a note (from us and from Mother Earth) on their packing slips thanking them for their sustainable practices. Not only does this help us feel connected to the folks buying our products, it also makes work FUN - learning about and celebrating you innovative, mission minded businesses is the best part of our job! In addition to personal notes, you could also include review requests (so your customers know you want to hear from them), recommendations on products and services they might try, or small thank you gifts.

Still seeking inspiration? Check out  EcoEnclose Inspirations to see some of our customers' custom printed and beautifully crafted packages that each make an incredible first impression. And of course, contact us anytime to learn more and see how we can help!