Are Custom Poly Mailers Right For My Brand?

Are Custom Poly Mailers Right For My Brand?

Posted By on Oct 16th 2023

Custom poly mailers deliver an exceptional customer experience at a much lower cost than branded shipping boxes. Through EcoEnclose, you can enjoy gorgeous branded mailers through an incredibly easy ordering process without sacrificing sustainability. What more could you want?

Eco-friendly custom poly mailers are perfect for clothing, durable items, and soft items that don’t require the protection of a corrugated box or sturdier packaging. Not only are they the most cost-effective shipping option, but they are also less expensive to ship and easier to store. Many brands seek to cut back on their expenses as the world moves into economic uncertainty. A custom-branded plastic mailer bag helps companies live up to their circularity and low carbon values while keeping costs relatively low.

We believe that sustainable branded poly mailers should be available to all businesses, big and small. Our wholesale custom poly mailers are offered at competitive prices without sacrificing quality or sustainability. Ecommerce brands and businesses interested in cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing packaging options have found the right place.

EcoEnclose supports all your packaging needs with options to create customized designs. Read on to learn if customizing mailer bags is the right solution for your business and shop poly mailers here.

Customization options

We print in one of two ways. Generally speaking, post-production printing is reserved for print orders ranging from 500 to 25,000 in quantity. Inline printing is for print orders at or above 25,000 units. Quantities vary by specific product.

Post-production printing

In post-production printing, the printing occurs after the packaging has already been produced. Customize your mailers using packaging readily available on the EcoEnclose website. This option provides more limited design features, such as single-color prints and more constrained artwork boundaries. We recommend this offering for smaller businesses, with low order minimums starting at 500 mailers.

Post-production printing on poly mailers

We are also thrilled to print with black Algae Ink™. This printing capability is a huge win for sustainability, packaging, and the continued expansion of algae ink technology.

Read our post-production artwork guidelines before placing your order on our website.

Inline printing

For additional customization flexibility in artwork boundaries, colors, sizes, material thickness, and structural designs, use our high-capacity inline printing services.

Inline printing for poly mailers

Inline printing refers to packaging printed with customizations during the production process. This process is much more streamlined than the post-production route but can only be accomplished with relatively high volumes, starting at a minimum of 25,000 mailers.

Learn more about our enterprise capabilities.

Benefits of custom packaging

The shipped package is a customer's first impression of an eCommerce business. Brands, particularly those with deeply rooted values related to ethics and sustainability, miss out on a significant opportunity when they ship in plain packaging with no custom branding.

Gorgeous, well-designed packaging goes a long way in reinforcing to customers why they chose to order from your brand, a feeling that leads to increased loyalty and friend referrals. Because the time between purchase and product arrival builds consumers’ expectations, packaging that fails to meet the brand’s promise severely detracts from a customer’s impression of the brand.

In addition, customized packaging inspires your customers to share and promote your brand on social media. The strange but unwavering unboxing trend is now ingrained in our culture for a reason. People love to share the excitement of unwrapping a new product that has just arrived on their doorstep. Beautiful, well-designed packaging only adds to the thrill.

branded ecommerce packaging

Why is customization so effective?

If your retail business is primarily online, your product shipment may be the only direct touchpoint with a customer. Use custom packaging to create a fun and unique customer experience while increasing brand recognition.

Here are some of our favorite ways custom poly mailers with logos can elevate your brand.

  • Increases brand awareness. When your logo becomes well-known, it almost becomes a statement in itself. Take Starbucks cups, for example. The logo has become such a symbol that carrying a Starbucks-branded cup is now a status symbol. By carefully designing your logo and packaging, you can cultivate brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty.
  • Enhance customer experience. Shopping online can make every day feel like Christmas. There’s nothing quite like unwrapping an enthusiastically awaited package. This feeling is only enhanced by gorgeous, fun-to-open packaging. Not only do our custom poly makers look beautiful (with the help of your designs, of course), but they also have a tear strip that’s oh-so-satisfying to rip open.
  • Eco-friendly mailers make your customers feel good. A 2019 study by Concordia University found that shoppers experience a “warm glow” after using green products. You can help them associate that dopamine hit with your brand using 100% recycled plastic mailers. When you design your custom mailers, include a note showcasing the sustainability of your packaging materials and encouraging them to recycle them once they’re done.
  • Elevate your brand. When you’ve paid attention to the details, you show your customers how much you care. It’s the small things that can make a huge difference, and a beautiful custom mailer with your logo can do wonders to elevate your brand in your customers’ minds.
  • Make a memorable experience. A key to brand loyalty is ensuring that you’re remembered. Custom-branded mailers can be just the thing to ensure that your brand remains in your customers’ minds. If they have an enjoyable experience opening your packaging, they’re more likely to return to experience that happiness again.


Many people think of shipping boxes or paper mailers when they think of "sustainable packaging." Curbside recyclable, paper-based solutions tend to align, in the public’s mind anyway, with environmentalism.

But, while we love our 100% recycled paper-based shipping solutions, recognizing that they are both recycled AND curbside recyclable, we also know that 100% recycled poly mailers have a leg up on our paper shippers on some sustainability factors. Here’s how:

  • They are more flexible, durable, and water-resistant.
  • They are lightweight and therefore have a much lower carbon footprint.
  • They can be reused using a second adhesive strip within the bag, reducing the carbon output associated with returns.

Learn how paper and plastic stack up from a sustainability perspective.

We want to provide your company with the most eco-friendly options that align with your sustainability goals! So, if you do your research and determine that you'd like to avoid plastic, we are here for you. Check out our 100% recycled paper mailers or 100% recycled shipping boxes to find an outstanding, eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging solution for your business.

Still not sure that plastic is the right solution for your company? Read more about our eco-friendly poly mailers here.

To find a recycling location near you, use the directories on Earth911 or EcoEnclose also offers a Take Back Program for those who don’t have access to plastic film collection points. The poly mailers can be filled with #2 and #4 thin film and returned to our company for recycling. EcoCycle, a local nonprofit recycler and zero-waste organization in Boulder, Colorado, handles this plastic film.

Cost analysis

We stand behind all of our eco-friendly offerings. Within EcoEnclose, we often say, “If it’s on our site, feel good knowing the offering meets our strict sustainability framework. If it’s not, it is likely a packaging solution that does not align with our values.”

With that in mind, you have many different eco-friendly custom packaging options with EcoEnclose. If you want to ship in style, consider custom poly mailers, paper mailers, shipping boxes, and even custom tissue paper or stickers. Custom branding your 100% recycled poly mailers is likely the least expensive approach across all of these options. Here’s a quick comparison.

Where to buy custom poly mailers

If you’re ready to transition to cost-effective, 100% recycled, branded poly mailers, you can do so in five super easy steps on our website.

  1. Choose one of our eco-friendly poly mailers
  2. Find your desired size
  3. Click on the custom-branded option
  4. Select your ink, upload your artwork, and choose your service option
  5. Check out

For inline mailers,  contact us for a quote.

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