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Custom Notecards Can Tell Your Packaging Story

Custom Notecards Can Tell Your Packaging Story

Posted on Jun 1st 2021

Sustainable packaging is not just good for the planet, it is good business. 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product packaged sustainably. Many will also pay a premium.

If you’ve already invested in EcoEnclose packaging, don’t forget the final step of showcasing it to your customers! For companies that custom brand their packaging, this is often an easy addition.

If you’re not yet ready to custom brand your packaging itself, consider branded notecards or stickers instead. 

Custom stickers and notecards can personalize your packaging experience without any setup costs.

Here, we share ideas for how branded note cards can help you tell your sustainable packaging (and sustainable brand) story!


Retrove's notecard design is one of my favorites! Their tagline - Think First, Dress Second - captures their essence beautifully, and the copy throughout the design strengthens this brand message. Their unique “Packaging Repurposing Guide” lists each element of their packaging and provides reuse and recycling guidance. It would be difficult to read the notecard and not act responsibly when disposing of the packaging!

Faire Collection

This notecard says nothing about the packaging itself, but it does beautifully connect customers to the company’s mission and the impact a person has made by purchasing from Faire Collection

It is also a gorgeously designed and visually appealing notecard that is 100% on brand and a pleasure to look at!


Ardent has built a deeply rooted conscious company. Their notecard reflects this through and through. A simple and very visual overview of Ardent’s investments in a more ethical and sustainable way of doing business. It is hard to get this notecard and not feel good about your purchase!

Box of Shadows

Box of Shadows operates with reverence for the planet and a general thoughtfulness about their sourcing. This note card design does a beautiful job highlighting their conscious packaging choices - highlighting post-consumer waste and encouraging recipient to reuse or responsibly recycle packaging.

Get Started with Your Custom Notecards

If you're ready to make the leap into custom designed notecards, rest assured that any printed notecards you get from EcoEnclose are 100% recycled, curbside recyclable, and milled, manufactured and printed in the USA. 

Our white cardstock is not only 100% recycled, it is actually 100% post consumer waste. Our gypsum and kraft cardstock options have over 50% post consumer waste. Learn more and start your order today.