A leap forward in sustainability: EcoEnclose & Living Ink announce strategic partnership

A leap forward in sustainability: EcoEnclose & Living Ink announce strategic partnership

Posted on Jun 16th 2020

Louisville, CO, June 16, 2020 -- EcoEnclose and Living Ink have officially partnered to offer Algae Ink™ to any company looking to print with black ink on paper packaging.

Algae Ink™, developed by Living Ink, is compostable, toxin-free, resistant to UV light, and has a negative carbon footprint. Compared to traditionally used carbon black, algae-based ink results in a decrease of carbon dioxide emission by 200 percent. The result is a rich black pigment, unlike other renewable black pigments which commonly come out faded during the printing process. Living Ink was awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to develop the technology.

EcoEnclose, a leading provider of sustainable packaging, is now offering Algae Ink™ on all their paper packaging products. This includes paper mailers, shipping boxes, retail packaging, shoe boxes, brochures, marketing materials, and any other paper needs that companies may have. Moving forward, all of their mailers will not only be 100% recycled and curbside recyclable, but they will also be printed in Algae Ink.

Saloni Doshi, CEO of  EcoEnclose, says, “Any company focused on sustainability recognizes that ink has eco consequences -- from its production to the print process to the packaging’s end of life prospects. Making the jump to Algae Ink™ helps address this problematic part of packaging and helps companies be at the cutting edge of sustainability. Previously, our mailers were printed with water or soy-based inks, but the pigments were still made with petroleum. Algae Ink actually uses pigments that sequester more carbon than is emitted when it’s manufactured, so it’s an exciting step forward for both our companies and our customers.”

Scott Fulbright, CEO of  Living Ink, says, “We invented Algae Ink™ and Ecoenclose was one of the few organizations willing to trial our novel eco-innovation. We continued doing trials and receiving feedback that was instrumental in refining our technology. This initial relationship has evolved into a more in-depth collaboration, enabling us to test and commercialize this ink across a number of different printing substrates and processes. We are excited to partner with EcoEnclose because of their passionate leadership in adopting and scaling eco-friendly innovations”.

Thus far, almost 50 companies have collectively printed over 1 million packages with Algae Ink™. A sampling of these companies includes Adidas, 3D Hub, Patagonia, Modern Dane, Rocky Mountain Oils, Bedrock, and Alluvian.

EcoEnclose is the leader in environmentally friendly packaging and shipping supplies. EcoEnclose is committed to bringing eco innovation and transparency to the world of ecommerce packaging, and to helping ecommerce companies improve the environmental footprint of their products and operations.

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