How To Use Geami GreenWrap

GreenWrap is an exceptional plastic-free alternative to bubble wrap. It is 100% paper-based, ships efficiently, looks gorgeous, is recyclable, compostable, naturally biodegradable. While it is made of virgin paper for now, it is SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified. However, we often receive feedback that it is difficult to use. And honestly, we agree! It is tricky to get the hang of. But, once you do, you may become a convert for life. The following three videos have been developed to help you (1) Set up the GreenWrap dispenser, (2) Adjust tension so you get the right amount of expansion for your needs, and (3) Use GreenWrap once you have it set up right.

Part 1: How to Setup Your GreenWrap Dispenser

Part 2: How to Adust Tension on Your GreenWrap Dispenser

Part 3: How to Use GreenWrap (Once You're Setup!)