Custom Branded Recycled Poly Mailers

Not only can you get the only 100% recycled poly mailers on the market, you can also get them custom printed with your logo or design. Create the ultimate customer experience and build brand loyalty!

We offer both small batch, post production print services - with low minimums starting at just 500-1000 mailers - and large batch (25,000 unit MOQ), pre-production printing for multi-color or full bag designs.

For our small batch printing we offer single color prints with standard lead times of 3-4 weeks. We also offer a premium 2-week RUSH service for anyone who is in a time crunch…we’ve all been there! Plate and setup costs vary by the size of your design, but typically range from $50 to $150. To order, click on the right size mailer option below, and you’ll go through a step by step process to get your art uploaded, choose your color, see your quote, and place your order. You should hear back from someone on our team within 24 hours to review and confirm your proof. For multi-color designs, full bag prints or custom pricing for large orders, minimums start at 25,000. Please contact for more information.

You might be asking, “should I brand my packaging”? Almost 50% of e-commerce consumers feel that packaging reflects the value of the shipment – the better the packaging, the better the product inside. 52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant that delivers in "thoughtful packaging" and over 40% said it makes them more likely to share a product image or video on social media. So if you want to build a strong brand and loyalty among your customers, custom printing your poly mailers could be a great option for you.

Best of all, our poly bags are just as eco-friendly when they are custom branded! We use nontoxic, water based inks (as opposed to PVC inks, which are a known carcinogen, can leach, is not drain safe, and requires harmful industrial chemical solvents for cleaning). If you’ve come this far and decided that you’re not interested or ready for your own branded poly mailers, then check out our stock 100% recycled poly mailers (ivory) or 88% recycled poly mailers (gray). These showcase their recycled content and recyclability so your customers know you made a thoughtful choice.

  • Post-production printing available starting at just 500-1000 mailers.
  • Only water based inks are used.
  • Mailers made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic.
  • Mailers are fully recyclable.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Features a handy tear strip for easy opening.
  • Durable, moisture, tear and tamper resistant.
  • Made and printed in the USA!
Volume Discounts
Purchase...And Save...
2-4 units 2%
5-9 units 5%
10-14 units 10%
15+ units 15%

Start Customizing Your Recycled Poly Mailers By Clicking the Links Below!

Still have shipping questions?

Hello! You may have realized at this point that there are a lot of questions to ask when trying to determine what you’ll need to ship your products. Don’t panic! We’re here to help! We put together a quick FAQ below to help you answer some of the most common questions we receive. Of course, if you can’t find your answers below, feel free to check out our Definitive Guide to Poly Mailers or reach out to us at


What is the different between the Gray and White Poly Mailers?
The Matte Gray Mailers are constructed with 88% recycled content and have a single peel-and-seal closure. The Ivory mailers have 100% recycled content and a dual peel-and-seal that promotes reuse for returns or future shipments.

What size Poly Mailer do I need?
This is one of the most common questions we receive as far as poly mailers are concerned, so we felt it fitting to list it first (pun intended!). The best way to determine what size poly mailer (AKA shipping bags or mailing bags) you’ll need is to layout the items you will be shipping on a table and measure the imaginary bounding box it would fit in. The two dimensions of your poly mailer would need to exceed the largest two dimensions of your bounding box plus a little extra room to compensate for the mailers expansion when it’s filled. Once you have what you think is the perfect sized mailer, the next step is to order a sample it test it. One of the worst feelings in the world is ordering everything you need to start shipping your product and finding out that what you thought was perfect is actually too small to ship your items.

As a frame of reference, we’ve put together a table of common items that are shipped in our mailers and listed the best size and mailer to ship them. You can find that table in our Definitive Guide to Poly Mailers.

What’s the difference between your Ivory and Gray Poly Mailers?
Despite the obvious answer - their different colors - the main difference is the amount of recycled content used in the production of these mailers. The Ivory is made entirely of post-consumer and post-industrial content, 100% recycled through and through, while the Grays are made using 88% post-consumer and post-industrial content. The other major difference is the dual adhesive strip the Ivory mailers offer vs the single strip the Gray mailers offer. The dual adhesive strips allow for seamless returns as well as reusability, which we all know is the best type of recycling! The last and final difference is the cost. The Ivory mailers are slightly more expensive than the Gray’s. That’s because of the dual versus single adhesive strip, and because it is cheaper to use some amount of virgin material in the production of poly bags. We’re optimistic that one day this will change due to the sheer demand of recycled material!

Can you print my Poly Mailers with my company logo?
Of course! And we love to do it! Branding your Poly Mailers can be an effective way to not only build customer loyalty but it can also help you drive new sales. About 4 in 10 consumers are more likely to post an image of your custom branded mailer versus a generic one. That’s free advertising for you! Unlike many companies that require you to order 5,000 or more bags to get a basic print, we can custom brand your bags when you order just one case! Just find your desired size in the grid above and click on the “Branded” item!

Some important things to keep in mind when thinking about branding your bags
    1. We can only print in one color.
    2. Edge to edge printing is not possible.
    3. We can only print images in vector format. No .jpg, .png, or .tif files! For a clear explanation of what a vector is, look here!

Even with these limitations, our customers produce stunning branded bags. If you're not sure where to start, we can help! Contact us at

(These limitations go away if you are interested in large runs of at least 25,000 pieces. For more information about this, contact us at

When should I use a poly mailer?
Poly mailers are perfect for apparel and other fabric-based goods, as well as yarns and patterns. They also work well for shoes and certain types of hats. We’ve seen them work well for boxed products that need to be shipped in another, outside layer (i.e. a shoebox, a small toy or a jewelry box). Ask yourself two questions. Is your product fragile? If no, then ask yourself, can the product fill out your poly mailer? If yes - then a poly mailer can work well for you!

If your item is fragile, you might consider a shipping box instead. If your products can’t fill a poly mailer out (think small jewelry item or a watch), then you might consider a box or a stiffer mailer such as our padded mailer or rigid mailer.

For more information on shipping different products, check out our Definitive Guide To Ecommerce Packaging.

Are your Poly Mailers environmentally friendly?
EcoEnclose has the only poly mailers on the market that are made with 100% recycled content. We love this because it means we’re giving new life to and creating a strong market for previously used plastic bags that would otherwise be landfill bound. Additionally, our mailers are also reusable and recyclable.

How can your poly mailers be reused?
Poly mailers with only one adhesive strip, like our 88% Recycled Gray Poly Mailers, can typically be reused at least once when they have a tear strip. A tear strip means the bag can be opened without being destroyed, so a customer can reuse the bag by putting items in it and sealing it back up with their own tape. Our 100% Recycled Ivory Poly Mailers actually have two adhesive strips. This makes it even easier for customers to reuse them. That second adhesive strip makes returns particularly seamless, helping to give your customers a seamless experience.

How can your poly mailers be recycled?
Our poly mailers are made with recycled content and are recyclable. They are a #4 plastic which means they can’t be recycled in single stream recycling plants because the flimsy material gets caught up in their sorting equipment. You would recycle these the same way you would recycle grocery bags, typically by taking them to a grocery store that participates in the collecting and recycling of these plastics. You can use the zip code locator here: to find a participating store. Some curbside recycling programs can accept plastic bags so check with your waste management provider for more information.

These are just common questions we receive when it comes to our Poly Mailers. If you still want more information, you could take a look at our Definitive Guide to Poly Mailers or email us at

Happy Shipping!