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GreenWrap is an eco-friendly paper alternative to bubble wrap by offering similar cushioning protection but is naturally biodegradable, compostable, and fully recyclable.
GreenWrap has two layers, a white tissue paper layer and a brown or white outer layer. The dispenser is built into the box it ships in and is used to expand the outer layer, giving it cushion and a unique texture.
GreenWrap artfully molds around your products, providing beautiful presentation while taking up much less room than traditional plastic bubbles. Products can be wrapped individually in GreenWrap as you would with bubble wrap. It can also be used as a filler to create cushioning within a shipping box.

Debating between GreenWrap and our other protective packaging and void fill options? Check out our Definitive Guide to Protective Packaging to help you make the right decision for your business.


Available in white or brown, both with a white tissue paper layer
Curbside recyclable & naturally biodegradable
Made from certified sustainable sourced paper
Dispenser refills available. Learn more.
How to use and set up GreenWrap