• Zero Waste Shipping Labels - Recyclable Shipping Labels
  • High Tack, Direct Thermal Label on Standard Liner - 4" x 6" - INDUSTRIAL (1000 Labels) - Single Roll
  • High Tack, Direct Thermal Label on Standard Liner - 4" x 6" - INDUSTRIAL (1000 Labels) - Single Roll

High Tack, Direct Thermal Label on Standard Liner - 4" x 6" - INDUSTRIAL (1000 Labels) - Single Roll


This direct thermal shipping label utilizes a STANDARD, silicone lined, virgin release liner that is not curbside recyclable. While it is not a sustainable shipping label alternative, it has an extremely high tack adhesive, allowing it to bond with difficult-to-adhere materials such as our 100% Recycled Padded Mailers.

We are offering these labels as an option for companies that want to use Padded Mailers but haven't struggled to find a shipping label that works effectively for them.

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Paper-based packaging with 100% recycled content and an uneven surface, such as our 100% Recycled Padded Mailers, can be difficult for labels and stickers to adhere to. This could result in having to cover shipping labels with clear plastic tape (making the entire package far more difficult to recycle). With this in mind, we are pleased to offer this high tack shipping label.

These shipping labels utilize a hot melt adhesive, which is 100% adhesive and no water. This makes for a stronger and more permanent seal than can be achieved through acrylic emulsion. Most labels, including UPS and DYMO labels, utilize acrylic emulsion adhesive which are ~50% adhesive and ~50% water.

We recommend these high-tack labels when other standard labels (such as UPS or DYMO labels) or EcoEnclose Zero Waste Labels are not sticking effectively on your 100% recycled packaging. They are most helpful when the labels are adhering to an uneven surface that is made with 100% recycled fibers. Check out this video comparing different labels on a 6x9" padded mailer.

It is important to recognize that these are not a more sustainable option than standard labels. They are a solution designed to help companies ensure they can successfully use 100% recycled paper-based packaging that has an uneven or cushioned surface. Packages with these labels on them can be recycled as they normally would be. For example, a padded mailer with this label on it is curbside recyclable with mixed paper.

We recommend eco-minded companies test our our Zero Waste Shipping Labels (available as sheet labels and direct thermal), featuring a 100% recycled and curbside recyclable release liner, and only consider this high tack option if the zero waste labels have not been successful.

  • High-tack, hot melt, pressure-sensitive, self-sealing adhesive
  • Standard Liner: silicone-lined, virgin release liner that is not curbside recyclable
  • Recycle compatible adhesive, recyclable
  • Compatible with Direct Thermal Printers (not compatible with DYMO printers, which only utilize DYMO labels)
  • BPA Free
  • Made in North America
  • 1000 labels per roll
  • 4x6" labels
  • 1/8" spacing for "transmissive" gap setting
  • 3 inch core, 7.75 inch outer diameter
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs
  • Made in North America