Why Our Decorative Tissue Paper is 100% Recycled

Why Our Decorative Tissue Paper is 100% Recycled

Sep 28th 2020

There are a handful of custom-branded or designed tissue paper options on the market. Most of them claim some sustainability traits. Many are made with FSC certified virgin paper. Some even have a percentage of recycled content. Many say 100% recyclable (though this term, when used to describe tissue paper, is a bit misleading). But very few of them are 100% recycled.

This is why we are so proud to be offering a 100% recycled (20% post-consumer) custom tissue paper line that can be fully branded with your unique design. As an added bonus, our tissue is FSC certified and processed chlorine free.

Why is it so hard to find 100% recycled, custom-printed tissue paper?

Unfortunately, it is hard to find 100% recycled anything!

In the paper towel and toilet paper aisle (if your store has anything in stock in these aisles right now!) you’re hard pressed to find more than one or two 100% recycled options. The same goes for wrapping paper or printer paper.

This is for a few reasons. Paper fibers shorten and weaken with each round of recycling. Paper mills and converters find it more difficult to manufacture materials with these shorter, less consistent and less perfect papers. Adhesives don’t work as well on them and printing isn’t always as successful. Consumers of 100% recycled paper products sometimes balk at the quality of the paper, which is typically a bit lower in quality (not as soft, not as absorbent, not as strong).

Because of these reasons, we know that 100% recycled tissue paper, decorative or otherwise, isn’t right for every situation.

But we believe ecommerce is uniquely suited for 100% recycled, customized tissue paper. Ecommerce packaging does not require the printing sophistication of retail packaging. This packaging is typically not coming into contact with food, medical supplies or other sensitive items. And while strength is needed, the level of strength that is required can typically be achieved with 100% recycled papers.

We are hard pressed to think of a better use case within ecommerce packaging than the ornamental tissue paper used in a brand’s unboxing strategy! Custom printed tissue paper gives your package a unique, upscale aesthetic. You considered every detail of the unboxing process, and it shows. If it’s recycled, it also shows that you and your prominently featured brand care about the environment.

Printed tissue paper is typically used for wrap, separation and decorative purposes, not for performance and strength. Additionally, while custom printed tissue paper is a great investment for ecommerce brands, this type of printing is fairly simple and works well on a 100% recycled substrate (when compared to full coverage, flood coat type of printing often required for retail packaging).

If tissue paper is a good candidate for recycled content, why are we so maniacal about ensuring we offer a 100% recycled option?

Because one foundational principle of our business is to create markets for recycled content. As our recycling rates for paper get higher and higher, manufacturers need to buy this material (otherwise it will just get stockpiled and then sent to the landfill). Since the shorter fibers of recycled content aren’t a great fit for all use cases, we believe it is imperative for businesses and consumers to demand 100% recycled for the products that can adequately be made with recycled inputs. This drives reclaimers and manufacturers to buy your recycled paper, closing the loop on the recycling supply chain.