Custom Packaging: Is it Worth it to Ship in Style?

Custom Packaging: Is it Worth it to Ship in Style?

Sep 22nd 2020

I’m going to get it out of the way right off the bat- yes. Custom packaging definitely can be worth the investment. As with many things in life though, it also depends. It depends on how well you utilize it to maximize your investment. If you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your custom packaging, we’ve also put together a few tips on how to maximize its impact. While this isn’t by any means a complete list of the benefits of custom packaging, it’s a jumping-off point for designing your own sustainable custom packaging.

Custom Packaging Bags can make a dramatic impact

Ways Custom Packaging is Worth it

Reduce Waste- Custom packaging, when done right, can reduce waste and lower your business’s impact on the environment (and your operating cost) in a few ways.

  1. First, if your packaging is custom designed to perfectly protect your product, it’s less likely that the product will be damaged in transit, and damaged products require replacement (on your business’s dime) and the broken ones often end up in the landfill. Not great on either end.
  2. Second, if your custom packaging is attractive and useful enough, it can be reused- either for gifts, storage, or toting.
  3. Finally, custom packaging that emphasizes its recyclability increases a customer’s likelihood of recycling it, and recycling is a great way to reduce waste.

First Impressions Matter- you can read our full article on the psychology of custom packaging, but your shipping packaging is your first physical interaction with your customer- make it count. A good first impression leads to higher overall product satisfaction and increases a customer’s likelihood of making a repeat purchase.

Custom boxes can make your small business stand out

Save on Shipping- if properly designed, custom shipping packaging can actually save on shipping costs as well. Carriers like UPS and FedEx often use dimensional weight to calculate shipping costs, so if your product is in a box that’s way too big, you might be paying too much in shipping (not to mention using too much cardboard).

How to Make sure Custom Packaging is Worth the Investment

  • Make it Visually Distinct- Amazon boxes don’t just say “Amazon” in tiny letters in the corner of the box, it takes over the whole package.
    • Your brand should be prominently displayed and attractive, remember that this is also marketing- Turn your shipping packaging into a tiny cardboard billboard.
    • Go beyond just the logo- use packaging as a way to convey your brand’s personality and values. If you’re Amazon or Coke you may not need this --- but if you are a smaller / growing ecommerce brand - the packaging doesn’t just reinforce your brand, it helps create your brand.
    • Utilize the whole box- a custom shipping box has 14 separate surfaces that can be customized. Tell a story with your unboxing- don’t just stop at the logo on the outside.
  • Emphasize Sustainability- Your brand and the concept of sustainability should be inextricably linked on the packaging (and in reality).
    • Customers want it, as they use the products they buy as an extension of their personality and personal brand.
    • It makes them more likely to actually recycle it- which we definitely want.

Brand packaging can cover all sides of the box

  • Buy at Scale- Increase savings and consistency by buying at high volumes. Just make sure you test it first.
    • Stop buying boxes as needed, from different places and in different sizes; high capacity orders bring down the per-unit cost of custom packaging, and they increase consistency.
    • Your favorite pizza place delivers your pizza in the same boxes every time, don’t you get hungry as soon as you see the box?

Conclusion: Custom Packaging is Worth it

Custom packaging, if utilized correctly, definitely is worth the investment. Just for starters, it can reduce waste, make a stellar first impression, and save on shipping costs. If you want to be sure you’re making the most of your custom packaging, make sure it’s visually distinct and appealing while also emphasizing sustainability, and buy it at scale to bring the cost down. The images in the article are all from EcoEnclose customers who are making the most of their custom packaging. Head here for more custom packaging inspiration, and get started designing your custom packaging today!

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