Why We Love Algae Printing Ink

Algae Printing Ink is the world's most sustainable ink and we are proud to be able to offer it - at no additional charge - to companies looking for custom shipping boxes in black printing ink. A lot of companies will ask us, "What makes Algae Ink so unique? I am already using water-based [or soy-based] ink. Aren't I already using eco-friendly ink?"

Yes...and no. Algae Ink is a true innovation in the world of inks because it is the only ink in which the PIGMENT has been made with readily renewable resources - algae cells. In fact, our Algae Ink pigment is actually made from the waste stream of an algae production facility, making it doubly exciting for us sustainability geeks.

Still confused? Check out this infographead more, check out our blog post: How Algae-Based Printer Ink Is Changing the Industry.


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