10 Reasons Recycled Poly Mailers are Better For Your Business

10 Reasons Recycled Poly Mailers are Better For Your Business

Nov 27th 2017

Are you researching the best methods to ship goods from your e-commerce shop? If you are in the beginning stages and haven’t begun exploring the wonderful world of e-commerce shipping supplies yet, check out our Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Packaging to understand your options. If you’ve done a bit of research and you sell apparel, accessories, bedding or anything that is fabric and lightweight, then recycled poly mailers are likely on your radar.

Regardless of where you are in your research journey, here are our ten reasons why our recycled poly mailers are better for your business: 

1. Recycled poly mailers represent your green values 

EcoEnclose offers five variations of eco-friendly mailers, two of which are 100% recycled poly mailers - a 100% recycled IVORY poly mailer and a 100% recycled GRAY poly mailer. Both have a mix of post-industrial and post-consumer material. If you are building a sustainable business, shipping your goods in these recycled poly mailers means your earth-minded ways are maintained all the way to your customers’ doors. It may feel like a small detail but using eco-friendly shipping supplies is a wildly impactful eco-strategy. The carbon footprint of recycled mailers is significantly lower than virgin counterparts. Additionally, our poly mailers give new life to discarded plastic, strengthening the market for post-consumer resin, helping drive progress and innovation across all steps in the plastic recycling process (which, in turn, will drive more industry focus on encouraging consumers to recycle!).

2. Recycled poly mailers help you build more loyal customers

Picture this. Your customer comes home from work and finds a few packages on her doorstep. When she picks up yours, she is pleased to see that the poly bag is 100% recycled - that your brand has consciously made an eco-friendly choice. This is the type of consumer experience we hear about often. Recycled poly mailers make your commitment to Mother Earth one of the first things a recipient notices when they get your goods. For discerning, conscious consumers, this type of thoughtful packaging makes them 52% more likely to order from you again.

3. Custom poly mailers elevate the customer experience even more

Customers love custom branded packaging! Studies have shown that it is the second most important thing they look for when they receive something they ordered online (receiving products undamaged and of good quality is the first). All of our recycled poly mailers can be branded with your unique logo and design, with relatively low minimums of just 500 mailers ordered. Branded recycled poly mailers are affordable and an excellent marketing investment.

4. Recycled poly mailers encourage referrals

Packaging that is eco-friendly and custom branded not only builds loyalty, it also encourages referrals. 40% of consumers would share images of thoughtful packaging on their social media feeds.

5. They're just the right size

We’ve all been in that situation where we open a huge box, only to find a tiny product inside surrounded by inflated plastic. #packagingfail Poly mailers are the opposite of excessive packaging. They are thin and available with many different options so you can find the size that will fit perfectly for your needs. This is great for your wallet, for the planet, and for the customer experience. Just as customers are more loyal to brands that deliver in branded, eco-friendly packaging, 48% would consider switching brands if they receive excessive packaging.

6. Recycled poly mailers make returns hassle-free for you and your customers

Our 100% recycled poly mailer have a dual peel-and-seal, so can be reused after they are received. This is great for your business because it makes returns more seamless for your customers. Any entrepreneur will tell you that customers hate a difficult returns process. With our resealable mailers, a customer who needs a new size or color can just download a shipping label from you, attach it to their polybag, and send it your way. This no-fuss exchange improves their experience and strengthens brand loyalty.

7. Recycled poly mailers have features for easy operations

We’ve designed our recycled poly mailers to be easy for you, or anyone on your team, who is fulfilling orders. The adhesive liners are static free, so you don’t end up with liners stuck to your clothes and hair after packing a dozen orders. The adhesive does not go all the way to the very edge of the mailer. How is this a benefit? When you’re peeling off the liners, you don’t have to dig your thumbnail in it to separate it from the adhesive. It comes off easily and with a clean finish. This saves time and frustration in fulfillment (we can speak from personal experience).

8. Recycled poly mailers are lightweight

Plastic mailers are significantly thinner and lighter than corrugated boxes and paper mailers. This is beneficial for the planet because less energy is used in their transport. Shipping poly bags from our warehouse to your location AND shipping goods to your customers in poly mailers is cheaper than with paper-based counterparts.

9. Recycled poly mailers take up less space and are easier to store

We love our various 100% recycled paper mailers! Paper has a lot going for it, and we know that for some businesses, these kraft mailers, rigid mailers, or padded mailers are the right choice. But if you have a product line that can ship well with poly bags (like apparel), ease of storing your packaging can be a big reason why our recycled mailers may work better for your business. Here’s a size comparison of two similarly sized mailers. A case of 250 of these poly mailers is 768 cubic inches (16”x12”x4”), while a case of 200 kraft mailers is 2990 cubic inches (23”x13”x10”). A single 48”x48” pallet can hold 30,000 poly mailers versus just 4,800 kraft mailers.

10. Recycled poly mailers are inexpensive

It's true! Recycled poly mailers are good for the planet, great for your customers’ experiences, streamlining your storage and operations...and are quite affordable. Our poly mailers are similarly priced, and in many cases, less expensive than, traditional poly bags, and they are significantly less expensive than paper mailers or boxes.

If you are still trying to understand poly mailers - what they are, what types of products do and don’t ship well in them, and what their drawbacks are - check out our Definitive Guide to Poly Mailers.

And of course, if you’re stuck and just need to get input from a human, give us a shout at [email protected].