Customer Spotlight: Right Here Right Now

Customer Spotlight: Right Here Right Now

Mar 20th 2018

Inspiring change one moment at a time.

Often, we at EcoEnclose find ourselves expanding our capabilities based on the requests of our amazing customers. When we first started our business, we were only able to print a single panel of a shipping box. While this resulted in many beautifully branded boxes, over time, we started getting requests for multi-panel prints. We said “yes” and worked closely with those customers to build and refine our capabilities and now we find that almost half of our prints are multi-panel! Then, we started getting requests for outside and inside the box prints, and once again, that has become a standard offering. In the fall of 2017, Russ Elliott from Right Here Right Now came to us with a new request - can you print a two color, multi-panel, outside and inside the box print? As we learned more about this new Pagosa Springs, Colorado business that is on a mission to help people live with mindfulness, we were hooked by their message, their brand and aesthetic, and their passion...and just had to say “yes.” We worked alongside their team to translate their design vision into a box design and colors that would work with our ink and equipment. To be honest, we weren’t sure how it would turn out, but we think the final print is just stunning and a perfect testament to what the Right Here Right Now team is trying to accomplish with their business.

Two Color Box Print

Read on to learn more about Right Here Right Now and how we worked with them on their unique and exceptional box design. And, if you've been considering two color printing, check out our website guide to learn more about shipping boxes printed with two colors.

How would you describe Right Here Right Now? How and why did you come up with the business model?

The Right Here Right Now vision is to bring more mindfulness and balance into people lives by creating a message and visual reminder we call the "bump" to spend more time being present. Through our purposeful products, RHRN delivers the simple yet powerful message to stop, take a breath, and be Right Here Right Now.

Right Here Right Now began on the bow of a sailboat in the Caribbean where our founder had "a moment" in which she realized how many missed moments she'd had in life being caught up spinning in the past or worrying about the future.

This served as a seismic shift in her life and she made a point going forward to spend as many moments in NOW as possible. Sharing the RHRN message became a passion that has evolved into a mission inspiring change in people’s lives one moment at a time.

Tell us about your logo, aesthetics and the designs you use in your branding. What do they represent to you? How did you develop them?

Author’s side note: I adore RHRN’s symbol. It has elements of a Mandala, is reminiscent of a perfect henna design, and has a “starburst” quality to it that gives me a little rush of excitement.

The design for the RHRN symbol was based on a doodle that, for years, our founder scribbled alongside her signature. As the design team developed it into the RHRN Bump, it was transformed into an image that became so impactful we wanted to put it everywhere. The lower section represents the past, what we’ve learned, what we are grateful for. The upper section is what's ahead, tomorrow isn’t here yet; and the center wavy line represents NOW. It is a wavy line because life isn’t a straight line.

We hope the message of being Right Here Right Now blended with our symbol has an inviting appeal, inspiring others to spend more moments in the present.

How did you find EcoEnclose?

We found EcoEnclose during the 2017 Denver Startup Week where Saloni, one of the owners, was speaking on “Running a Passionate, Impact-Driven Business.” Right Here Right Now is a passion so we were looking for passionate partners. So we trusted EcoEnclose to provide us with one of the most important aspects of our key products - our Bump Box. Not only do they provide a competitive price, quality service and attention to detail that is uncommon in this industry, they do it with a product that is making a significant difference to our environment.

Our boxes are made from 100% recycled material and are reusable and recyclable. So not only does offer a mindful solution for everyday living, we are doing it with a mindfully focused packaging partner aligned with our goal to make a difference in people’s lives.

How did you develop the vision and design for your shipping box design? Why was the two color print, and your specific design, so important to the experience you wanted to provide your customers?

We are so excited about our brand symbol and design that we wanted to have subtle reminders of it throughout the entire customer experience.

The tone on tone subtle first color that sits behind the more bold white color makes the box an experience versus just a package.

Our goal was to make receiving our box an event, which is why we call it a “Bump”. We want the recipient to not just mindlessly rip open the package as they might any other delivery, but to instead engage several of their senses when they get our box. In this way, the experience of receiving the box actually gives customers the nudge to be in the present moment, enjoying the now.

What kind of response have you gotten from customers on your packaging? What’s in store for RHRN for 2018?

The response to our box has been overwhelming. Without exception, we hear “they are beautiful.” Other retailers and box companies often want to know who we worked with on these.

What we are most excited about IS 2018.

As a startup here in rural Colorado that launched in January 2018, we have been humbled by the overwhelming support of our message and products We are designing a “mini Bump” box with EcoEnclose that will be included in a number of nationally recognized, monthly subscription boxes in 2018 so keep your eyes peeled, we will share where, when and who at

Overview of Right Here Right Now Right Here Right Now offers a myriad of products to be incorporated into your everyday life with the aim of reminding you to take a deep breath and be in the moment.

Their line includes everything from apparel to water bottles to wristbands to journals to photo displays. Their Bump Box provides a variety of these items that can each serve as “bumps” throughout your day - inspiring change one moment at a time.

The message is simple, the shift is powerful.

So true. We at EcoEnclose have our own RHRN stickers and wristbands and have actually been surprised by the impact these seemingly small additions to our lives have. That feeling is pervasive that we need to constantly be on the go, always thinking about and planning the next thing in our day, using every second “productively.”

But with a Right Here Right Now wristband on, instead of giving into that urge to check your phone while you’re in line waiting for the restroom, you get a gentle nudge to look around and breath, and maybe say hi to the person next to you.